Monday, 22 June 2015

The Big Move

Four weeks after moving we finally have internet and phone connected. Apparently that is the standard time it takes Telstra to connect a new service. It's lucky the electricity suppliers aren't as slow.
Enough of the whinging -- The move went smoothly enough and most of the boxes have been unpacked now, although we still can't get our cars in the garage.

I don't think I'll ever get sick of the view. 

We brought quite a few plants with us for the new garden. Two trailer loads and some in the back of the car. There were so many I would love to have brought but I had to prioritise the space available.

I don't feel too bad about leaving them though. The people who bought the house love plants and gardening so I know that Missy's Garden is in good hands.

Currently everything is tucked along the side fence where they can get watered but be out of the sun and wind. I'm just hoping I can keep them alive until we can plant them out.

We have basically decided on a plan for the layout of the garden but haven't got very far yet. There's been quite a deal of rain which would be great for the garden (if we had one) but not particularly good for moving dirt around to create a garden.

In our neighbourhood, all of the houses are newly built so everyone is at various stages of building, moving in or creating their garden.  We compare notes on where to buy dirt, who to get to build fences, etc.

Oh, and most importantly..... Missy is quite comfortable with the move. She has a much smaller kingdom to reign over and guard, but it seems to suit her - being a very small dog and not as energetic as she once was. She can survey her yard and watch out for potential villains from the patio where her food bowls and day bed is kept. .

Monday, 4 May 2015


Our house sold very quickly - in only a few days. We had a great real estate agent. She recommended viewings by appointment rather than an open house - A lot more work for her but better for us. The first viewing was for 3 couples, two of whom wanted to come back for a second look. The next day she made 2 more appointments for viewings later that week. Then the next day she called to say someone had made an offer (which we accepted).  Now two weeks later the sale has become official and Missy’s garden will soon have new people to care of it and enjoy it.

We will be meeting the buyers tomorrow, but our agent said they want to keep the chickens and the fish and they love the garden. They sound like exactly the right sort of people for our house and garden. The chickens will be happy. I had found a potential new home for them, but now they don’t have to move which is better. Settling into a new flock can be rather traumatic until the pecking order is established.
Removalists have been arranged for 3 weeks’ time so we have started packing. It's going to be a busy time. There is still work to be done on the new house but it is ready to live in as is. Hopefully I'll be too busy to get too emotional at the thought of saying good-bye to the garden.
Another thing to consider is the future of Missy’s Garden (the blog). If I no longer have the garden there will be nothing much to blog about, but it is something I really enjoy. We will be starting a new garden from scratch (there's only dirt there at the moment) plus we will be discovering Bribie Island and whatever awaits us there. That should give me lots to write about
.......I think I might start a new blog for our new home.


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