Monday, 17 November 2014

A long weekend is always welcome. With the G20 in Brisbane we were given Friday as a public holiday, or as I called it, a bonus gardening day. Being greedy I decided to take Thursday as a leave day and had a 4 day weekend.
Woke early each morning and got straight out into the garden  before it got too hot. I divided bromeliads and repotted some I want for the new garden and cleaned up a few areas.
John and I also chopped out some of the bamboo that was spreading or was starting to look tatty.
Didn't think about getting out the camera so there's not a single photo to prove my hard work but I did take some afterwards of some blooms around the garden.

 I'm pleased I had the couple of days before the weekend to get work done because Saturday and Sunday were seriously HOT - 43C. Even by 8 am it was too hot to keep working in the yard.
This shell ginger is in a pot and under shadecloth

We have an overhead misting system (the black pipe along the back) to keep this area watered.

Also found this orchid blooming. 
To accompany the scorching sun there was a hot dry wind. There has been no rain for a long time as well so the wind stirred up dust. Even the pool was covered in a film of dust.
All we could do was watch as the fronds of our tree ferns burnt to a crisp.

New fronds were in the process of unfurling (being Spring supposedly) but I will be surprised if any survive unscathed.

The poor chickens really feel the heat. They had shade and I sprayed them and their pen with water as well as regularly topping up the water bowls, but we lost one of our older ladies to the heat.

Missy came and helped when I was outside a few times, but the heat was too much for her well. She preferred to be in the air con. Smart dog.

I suppose we are fortunate these extreme heat spells only last a couple of days. After last weekend 37C seems quite pleasant.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Discovering free mulch in the backyard

As the weather warms up gardens needs mulch more than ever to keep moisture in the soil and stop weeds from growing. Buying mulch for a garden as large as ours is an expensive business. You need a truck load.
When we were starting the garden we did buy a hundred bales of cane trash to spread. I didn't want to do that again but the mulch breaks down over time and needs to be refreshed.
This time of year there are high temperature but no rain. Add in some wind and the ground becomes parched so mulch is important.

Then I discovered a gold mine mulch mine in the bamboo area.

Bamboo loses a lot of leaves over Winter and in dry weather. We have had both. The poor old panda was being buried. The bamboo leaves were up to 50cm deep in places.

Aha! - 2 birds with the one stone. Clean up around the bamboo and mulch the areas needing it.

I started by filling a plastic bin and tipping it on various garden beds... then John joined in and things got SERIOUS.

He filled the trailer then pushed it to the rainforest area which badly needs mulching.

...and here it is ready to be spread. Notice the difference between the little piles I made with my bins and John's trailer load?

There's still enough left for another trailer load or maybe two. FREE MULCH!!!


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