Sunday, 4 November 2007

A Bit of History

We bought a block in a new estate. Apparently the land had previously been small farm growing watermelons and rockmelons, so we were hopeful the soil would be good.

We moved into the house in December 2004. Before we could all move in they had to build a fence - to keep the other dogs out, not to keep me in.
This is me checking out the block when the slab for the house was laid.
In January 2005 we started planting trees along the fence line. Lilly pillys along the side and golden canes across the back fence.
But before we even built the house we were building up a supply of plants ready for the garden - propogating them in a greenhouse.
In March 2005 we started planting indigenous rainforest trees in the front corner. Ros looked up a sight called Flora for Fauna. We bought a few, John propagated many from seed plus our local council give away free trees. They wanted a garden. I really didn't care so long as there were a couple of cool shady spots in summer, but I must say I have enjoyed supervising the work. I can always find a comfy spot to lie down and watch them.
The pool was started in May and finished in September 2006.


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