Friday, 9 November 2007

Starting the garden

John and Ros had propagated quite a few plants. They kept the plants in a greenhouse John had built by hammering 2m long star pickets into the ground then threading irrigation pipe over the star pickets to form arches, then it was covered with shade-cloth. They disassembled the greenhouse, moved & rebuilt it when we all came to live at my place.
Before they planted anything, they got Mick the bobcat man to rip up the ground where the garden was to go – across the back and down the side fence. Then they dug in 50 bags of horse manure and spread 100 bags of cane trash all over the ground.
At first I was a bit scared of the bobcat but after I told it the dog was the boss around here we got on OK.
The first trees were planted early in 2005 – Lots of lilly pillys and native rainforest species (a blue quandong, some golden pendas, euodias, etc) along the side and front, golden canes along the back fence.
John built a fernery outside the bathrooms. It’s a great shady spot to sleep on a hot day and he even put in a water feature so I can have a drink without having to leave the shade.
During 2005, they did lots of projects (the back patio, a retaining wall between the house & shed, large cement pavers at the side of the house) and put in lots of plants. I was busy supervising every weekend. Lucky they go to work all week so I can catch up on sleep.

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