Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas 2007

Ros and I were busy putting up Christmas trees (yes more than one) and the other decorations. I’ve had to check out the teddies to make sure none will attack while we’re not looking. Some look a bit scary and some even talk to you, but I sorted them out, told them who’s boss.

John put up the outside lights. I wasn't allowed to help with that. They took me out the front on my lead for a look to see if I approved and they were nice I suppose. All three houses in our street had Christmas lights. I went for a walk to look at the neighbours’ lights. That was fun. There were dogs to talk to through the fence.
The bosses (John and Ros) went out to Christmas parties every weekend for the last month and I had to stay home and do guard duty. I call them the bosses, but of course we all know who’s the real boss.

I heard them say Santa was coming. Well, if he thinks he’s going to get into this house, he’ll have a ferocious dog to contend with. Unless he has Smackos or Liver Treats, of course. He must have got the message because I didn't see him. There were other visitors, though. Kaylene, Jon and Isaac were here for the Sunday before Christmas. Then David, Gill, Ryan, Tim, Andrew, Ada and Bev on Christmas Day.

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