Saturday, 5 January 2008

The garden is looking healthy after some rain. The hibiscus, cannas, frangipanis and ixoras are all in flower. The bamboos are sending out new shoots. The gingers and heliconias are looking good too. They’ve spread wonderful smelling stuff like Charlie Carp and blood & bone around the garden.
My favourite pastime, when I’m not eating, sleeping or playing with a squeaky, is chasing lizards. They’re an illusive and cunning prey (That's why I’ve never actually caught one).

The Drought

During 2006 and 2007 South-east Queensland was in drought. Water restrictions meant that NO hosing of the garden was allowed. It was one of the worst droughts we have had – and our population has outgrown our water supply during dry conditions. On the media we were bombarded with hints on saving water. Some people became quite fanatical and to spill a drop of water was worse than spilling blood. Gardeners were looked on with suspicion and there were even letters to the local paper saying Brisbane had too many trees and parks.
We bought two rainwater tanks in Oct 2006 -- but the garden continued to be watered by bucket.

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