Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Girls

Flo, Doris, Marj and Gladys are the most spoilt chooks in Australia. John just built them a new yard because a neighbour's chooks were attacked and killed by dogs so they needed more day-time protection than just the fence.
At the moment they sleep in the chook tractor - until John builds new sleeping quarters for them.

They get laying mash, plus scaps from the vege patch plus John brings home scraps from the grocery store near work and tips them in the compost bin, then the girls dig through and eat what they want.
They spend most of the day wandering around, scratching or having dustbaths in a fenced off area of the yard we call "Chookie World"
Currently they lay one egg a week between them. They say that they're still recovering from molting.

This was the girls when they were younger - in their chicken tractor.

This is me sharing a meal with the girls

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