Saturday, 19 June 2010

It's Winter in my Garden

Although our garden is sub-tropical we can get quite a few days of frost during winter. With many of the plants being tropical or even sub-tropical, winter can be a bit harsh on parts of the garden. Most plants slow down. Some go totally dormant, some sulk and look sickly and others get frost burn.

Of course the temperature range is nowhere near as extreme as in lots of places and there are many plants that don’t seem to care what season it is and keep the garden looking attractive through the winter months.

Me in my coat

With the heat gone it’s the best time to do all the maintenance and tidying.
The piece-maker gets a work-out. Everything needs a good trim and tidy.  It’s all hands on deck when there’s shredding to be done. My job is to bark ferociously at the shredder to protect Ros from the loud munching monster – just like I do with the lawn mower.
We get a lot less rain during winter so (Ros thinks) its the best time to attack the weeds. She doesn’t like using poisons so has the theory that if you can get them before they flower and set seed one day you'll win.
The vege patch really comes into it’s own in winter and so do the citrus trees. They are heavily laden with fruit at the moment. We juice and freeze some but most we'll give away.

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  1. Hi from a fellow Cane Toad ... although I'm further north. The graphs are a great idea to show that temperatures in a sub-tropical area don't have a great deal of variation ... although the graph for my area up here would show even less variation. We don't get those cool winter temps that dip below 10 deg C!!!

    Winter time for me is the time when the annuals start taking off ... love all the colour during these dry months. That's the job that keeps me busy at this time of year.

    I had a look at 'Around My Garden' - you do have some lovely spots in your large garden. Really like your Circle Area and your Pond and Brom Garden ... and the Patio Garden looks great too!


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