Saturday, 19 June 2010

Using the herbs we grow

So how do I decide what herbs to grow? I look at recipe books, decide what I like to eat, then I go look for seeds or seedlings.

We love Asian food. We love Mediterranean food. We love Indian food and French food. To be honest we just love food! It is a real thrill to be able to duck outside and pick the ingredients while you are cooking. The best part is that you know you are using fresh, chemical-free ingredients.

I like herb teas (some) and I like potpourri and, where possible, I like to use natural insect repellents. So we grow a wide variety of plants to cater for all of these wants.

Cooking with freshly grown herbs is a wonderful experience.

Since we acquired a mortar and pestle we use herbs even more in cooking. I’d heard TV chefs rave about the smell from freshly crushed herbs – well I can confirm the smell is amazing. My advice is to buy one - for the wonderful smell of crushed herbs even if you don’t cook. But once you start using a mortar and pestle you’ll get hooked. The flavour is enhanced as well as the aroma.

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