Friday, 2 July 2010

Moving into the Purple Palace

The girls needed a new house. They liked their chicken tractor but it was time to upgrade. A plan of the new house was drawn up and John the Builder got to work.
The frame was erected. Plywood and corregated iron was measured and cut.
Of course, I supervised every step.

The man at the hardware shop had a can of solarguard paint that he'd mixed for a customer who changed their mind. It was an unusual colour but he was selling it for half price.
"That'll be perfect" said the Builder.
The girls watched and waited to be let back in.
Finally their house was finished and they could inspect their new house.

They weren't sure to start with, but then noticed the food. 
Flo was the first to check out the three new nesting boxes. She seemed to approve.
With new comfy boxes maybe they'll lay more eggs. Sure they will! Maybe John and Ros are planning to get more chooks. There's definitely room for more than four girls now.

At bedtime they all filed in. Mission accomplished. The girls had a beautiful new house.


  1. Nice Blog. Enjoyed the visit.

    Have a great day,
    Liza and John's Garden

  2. Hello Missy . Glad you fixed your feedburner problem.

    Welcome to Blotanical & thanks for sharing this lovely post :)

    All the best



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