Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The rocket went feral

This morning's harvest from the vege patch. Zucchini, baby squash, carrots, snow peas and snap peas, and tomatoes. I'm thrilled with the carrots. They're growing straight. I must finally have their soil right. Usually my carrots look deformed.

The tomatoes are doing better this year than ever before. Quite a few are ready to pick.
The romas won't be ripe for a while yet, but they're laden as well. I predict there may be a fair amount of spagetti sauce being made soon.

I had to chop back and remove some of the rocket. It was threatening to take over the entire garden bed. Underneath I found some very sad strawberry runners. The strawberries even had fruit on them - poor neglected things. That will be the next job - planting out the runners.

The passionfruit vine is producing well. It must have heard me say I was going to chop it out too,  because it's even flowering - in the middle of winter. It's a vine that self-seeded in the compost and is growing up over a palm tree. I will have to remove it but while it's producing such great fruit it can stay a while longer.

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  1. Love your site and what you are doing. On July 14th am beginning a new meme `We Can Wednesday' at my site A Green Earth and would welcome one of your posts.


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