Saturday, 7 August 2010

The Animals on Pippa's Farm

Pippa lives in Katherine about 3 hours drive south of Darwin. 
Her Mum and Dad, amongst other things they do, breed horses and have about 35-40 at any time.
Katherine doesn't really have summer and winter. They have the wet season and the dry season. During the Wet the grass is lush but in the Dry the horses are hand fed each day. Mel and Steve breed all sorts of other animals as well so Pippa gets to live in her very own zoo
She has horses to ride

Beautiful native birds like these Major Mitchells

She has lots and lots of dogs to play with.
When the goats were younger Pippa could play with them.
Ducks - yes they are real ducklings having a swim in the wading pool with Pippa

They got to have a swim by themselves as well

Guinea pigs - the babies love to curl up and sleep in the food dish
Guinea fowl just wander around where they feel like wandering
So do the chickens
The turkeys have their own pen.
Grandad bought her a playhouse and Pippa helped him put it together. Hope she gets time to play in it with all those animals to look after.


  1. So much luscious green grass in these photos ... Katherine must have had a decent wet season!

    Pippa you are so lucky! I only wish my grandchildren had all these fabulous creatures to play with and look after ... what a great experience! Horses, goats, guinea fowl, ducklings (love the shot of the little duckling in the bath with you!!), chooks and turkeys ... wow!

    Great photos ... particularly love the photo of the Major Mitchells with their beautiful crests on display!

  2. What a great place to grow up! Swimming with the fun. :)

  3. Oh my gosh...I hope Pippa knows just how lucky she is. If I grew up somewhere like that, I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. Ducklings in the wading pool? Love it! All those horses, and turkeys too! Fabulous!

  4. Pippa lives in paradise. She is a lucky little girl to love and learn to care for so many different animals. I am sure it is also lots of work for the parents. I guess they love it otherwise they would choose a different life style.

  5. They have a huge Wet Bernie...usually cut off from town for a couple of weeks. That first photo was one of Mel's taken in March. I included it to show the difference with what it's like at the moment.


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