Friday, 13 August 2010

Darwin Botanic Gardens

We had some time to spare when drove back to Darwin to catch our flight home so what do you do other than visit their botanic gardens.
 You feel like you're in the jungle rather than in a beachside suburb of Darwin, just a couple of minutes from the city centre. The gardens were created 130 years ago and cover 42 hectares.

They have a large rainforest area - quite wild looking - large trees with wonderful buttresses and root systems. The rainforest trees are underplanted with palms, ferns and creepers and has raised walkways to protect the soil from becoming compacted as much as to provide a dry safe walkway for visitors I would guess.

To show some of the crotons I've tried a a small slideshow.

White musseanda in full bloom.

This is a Saraca thaipingensis from the Phillipines. I hadn't seen one of these before but the flowers are spectacular.

Hope you enjoyed the short tour.

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