Monday, 16 August 2010

Mosaic Monday - Cairns Botanic Gardens

While in Cairns the Flecker Botanic Gardens are a must-see if you love tropical plants. After wandering through the garden for an hour or so we had lunch on one of the lawn areas, then set off again to explore more of the gardens. The camera got a real workout so I've combined some of the photos to post my first Mosaic Monday.

A sample of the heliconias

Some gingers

the orchid house

the fern house

rainforest walk

just a selection of the beautiful tropical plants in this magnificent garden.


  1. Wow! These pictures leaves me speechless. That's the reason why I love tropical plants. Thank you so much for sharing these beatiful pictures.

  2. Wonderful mosaics. Even though I'm so close, I rarely get to Cairns. If I ever do make it up there soon, I'll definitely visit the Gardens. Love the Jade Plant, the Medinilla, the Gingers and the beautiful ferns. I so enjoyed these photos.

  3. I meant to add should make sure you add your post to Mary's meme over at:

  4. Hi, Wowww, gorgeous pictures! I especially love the Bird of Paradise! Such amazing flowers and wonderful mosaics! Thanks so much for sharing all this beauty! I hope that you have a wonderful new week!'Hugs...

  5. Here I am again ... lol! Yes it looks like you've done it completely right ... I found your link on Mary's page! Hopefully many others will appreciate your post now.

  6. So very lovely!!! Really grand! Thank you!!! Cathy


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