Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Never smile at a crocodile

Most of the rivers and creeks of Northern Australia have crocodiles living in them. Isaac just loves crocodiles and wanted to visit an animal park where you can get up close to them. Hartleys Creek is about a half hour drive north of Cairns.
They also farm crocodiles for meat and their skins. Crocs used to be hunted for their skins, but now are protected. However so many were hunted in Queensland and so much habitat has been lost that it is unlikely they will ever recover there former numbers. The farm have a number of adult breeding crocs living in swampy lagoons and collect the eggs by stealing them from the nests. The eggs are incubated then the hatchlings are raised in covered tanks. As they grow older they are moved into open pens.
These guys are about five years old.
Crocs live for up to 100 years and grow huge. The largest recorded ever shot was apparently 8.5m.
This fellow is only about 4m long.
We went on a boat ride and watched the crocs jump for food.

...and watched a presentation about snakes, then
Isaac and his Dad got their photo taken with a python.
They also had koalas and one of the koalas had a baby. It was beautiful.
Josh was just happy in his stroller taking in the sights and playing with his toy crocodile.


  1. How fun! I love crocodiles, but I must admit...that baby Koala makes your heart melt!

  2. Are they the same as the African ones? The scariest of beasts, I think.


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