Saturday, 14 August 2010

An underwater garden

At the risk of sounding like a tourist brochure - If you ever get the chance you have to visit the Great Barrier Reef.  We are so lucky to have this natural wonder off the coast of Queensland. It is as beautiful as any garden (in my opinion anyway). It stretches along the coast for almost 2000kms.
I always want the window seat when we fly into Cairns because I love seeing the reef from the air.

Even more than seeing the reef from the air, I love to go snorkelling and see it close-up. You're transported to another world that is full of beauty and constant surprises with fish of all shapes, sizes and colours & corals & giant clams & anenomes & starfish & turtles.
Me underwater
John on top of the water
Last time we went on a reef trip we bought a CD of underwater photos. I thought I'd share some of the images with you. There were no copyright warnings so I assume it's OK to use them. 
 If you've seen Finding Nemo you'll recognise some of the stars.

We look like tourists don't we.


  1. You've been visiting some very interesting gardens. :)

  2. WOW!! You are really lucky to live so close to such a beautiful reef! I'll trade you Washington DC for the reef!


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