Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Around our neighbourhood

What makes a neighbourhood a good place to live?
I know what makes ours great. Neighbours know each other by name and say hello as they pass. They help each other out - whether it’s lending tools or baby-sitting or feeding the chooks when you go on holidays. They share garden produce and stop to discuss the weather when they go for walks. Although it’s a fairly new housing estate on the outskirts of our state capital it feels like an old fashioned country town. It’s a much gentler life than living right in the city.

When we were taking possession of our house, five years ago now, the builder stopped and said “Listen.” There was not a sound – absolute silence. We knew we had made a good choice.

It’s not always silent though.
Each morning there is a dawn chorus as the neighbourhood birds start looking for breakfast.
Then later in the day you will hear a hen or two announcing that they’ve laid an egg.
When it’s windy our wind chimes ring and the bamboo creaks.
When it rains there are frogs croaking.
And of course, when a car pulls into our driveway, there’s Missy barking.

Sometimes, well often actually, I complain about the time it takes to drive to work each day. (I hate being stuck in peak hour traffic and have been known to mention it, but that’s another story). Arriving home makes up for it.
When I get to the top of the hill I know I’m ALMOST home.
I can capture the view with my camera but not the feeling.

Karalee is located in a U-shaped bend of the Brisbane River with one road in. Our area is right at the end of that road with the nearest supermarket and shops six kilometres away. There is no through traffic and so the only cars we see belong to our neighbours and their visitors.
Every house is set on an acre of land. The people who live in the houses have chosen to live here for the quiet and the space. Most have great gardens. Many have chickens. There are lots of dogs that go for walks with their owners each afternoon. The dogs as well as the people know each other and stop for a chat along the way or greet each other through the fence.

So what do I like about our neighbouhood?

The miniature horses on the corner block who are super-cute,
the boat ramp to the river,
the walking track through the nature reserve,

the neighbours, and of course, their wonderful  gardens.


  1. Such a lovely part of the country ... great photos. A lot of your description nearly perfectly matches exactly what my neighbourhood is like ... the peace and quiet, the dawn chorus and birdsong we hear nearly all day, the trip to work (although I'm lucky it's a fairly easy run), no through traffic, no nearby shopping centres ... yes it's almost the same except for the lovely neighbourhood gardens. NOT many of those around here ... unfortunately I don't get to see sights like those gorgeous gardens in your collage!!

  2. Yes. We're both lucky aren't we Bernie. I call where we live semi-suburban rather than semi-rural because there are still streets and houses but it's spacious and quiet.
    The only thing I really don't like is the commute to work each day.

  3. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in, Missy. May you always find such joy and happiness there. Your blog has such a sense of peace. Loved visiting, today!

  4. What a lovely place! I would like to live there too. I am quite far away from the city. But more and more people are moving this way....

  5. You have such a lovely neighborhood, what a blessing! I so enjoyed this post, and I want to make sure to be a more frequent visitor.


  6. That looks like a lovely place to live. Sorry about the commute, but I suppose if it was closer you wouldnt have what you do have. Looks as though you are a glass half full type of lady anyway! :)

  7. Hi Missy, Kindly let Ros know that I've invited her to a game. Kindly check it out at


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