Saturday, 25 September 2010

Gardening - a Game

I was invited to play this game by One who is a remarkable and interesting person with a couple of great blogs. You’ll understand what I mean when you read her blog Onenezz .
As part of the game, I have to list out 10 things I enjoy doing. She specifically invited Ros to play - not Missy who, as you know, is a cute small dog and would choose chasing balls, sleeping and going for walks.

The rule of this game is to:
1) Inform who invited you
2) List the 10 things you like to do
3) Invite another 10 bloggers

Ten Things Ros Loves To Do

I love gardening - all aspects of gardening. As a child, my mother started me on the path to being a gardener. She loved growing flowers and there were usually home-grown veges as well. I can still remember my surprise the first time I helped with harvesting potatoes. Wherever I’ve lived since I have created a garden, but the garden I have today is the best. I especially love working in the garden with John – It’s double the fun when you share with someone who also enjoys it.

I love walking around our garden – discovering surprises like a newly flowering tree or shrub, checking on the progress of a plant, pulling a few weeds, making a mental note of the jobs that need doing, or sometimes just walking with bare feet on freshly mown grass.

I love exploring other gardens whether they are large botanic gardens or a tiny garden. Visiting a friend’s garden and listening to them talk about their garden is the most enjoyable. John and I visited quite a few open gardens (for inspiration) before we started Missy’s garden and continue to visit some each year. Lately, I have “visited” beautiful gardens around the world I would otherwise never get to see, and better still I get to see them through the eyes of their gardener.

I love cooking. This is another love I share with John. We are very different in the kitchen. He likes to follow the recipe precisely and I like to get creative, so mostly we take turns rather than share the kitchen.

I love using produce straight from the garden – I especially love being able to say half way through cooking a meal ‘I‘ll just nip out to the garden and get some of that” What is best is not that what I grow is chemical-free or that it’s fresh or even that it has more flavour than supermarket produce. I appreciate all those things, but the real bonus is the thrill I get knowing I grew it.

I love sharing garden produce with friends – This is a bit of a guilty pleasure. It sounds like I’m being generous, because I like to make sure I give friends the choicest fruit, the best tomatoes or the sweetest crispest lettuce. Actually I'm showing off and enjoy the compliments.

I love playing with my grandchildren – whenever I get the chance. They live 2000 kms away so we don’t get to visit each other as often as we’d like but most weekends we talk on Skype . I get to see the latest painting or how the new robot works. We read stories. We swap stories of what we’ve been doing and whether we’ve been good or naughty.  We blow kisses. Missy always waves and says hello too.

I love learning new things. School, to me, was wonderful and so was university. I even went back and did a second degree. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s work or “hobbies” such as painting, crafts, cooking or gardening, I want to learn everything I can and master the skills involved. The current skill I want to master is photography. John and I have enrolled in a course.  I know I'll enjoy it and I'm hoping to learn a lot. Check it out here.

I love blogging. Initially it was about keeping a record of the garden and showing the family what we were doing. Then I joined Blotanical. I enjoy seeing gardens from all around the world, reading the posts, learning about plants and animals I’ve never seen before, wondering at peoples skill at garden design, photography, penmanship, feeling part of a community of gardeners and making a very small contribution to that community. I spend a lot more time reading than writing.

I love reading… and you won’t have any trouble guessing what books I read. I have a collection of gardening books, a cookbook collection, a few novels and a growing collection of children’s storybooks.

Oh dear, I sound rather boring. Maybe Missy should have answered instead.

Now I will pass the game on to 10 interesting bloggers. Feel free to accept or decline the invitation.



  1. You don't sound boring at all - I love doing lots of those things too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You and I have a lot of the same hobbies! I will definitely play your game!! Stay tuned!!

  3. The grand kiddies are so cute. I can see why they make the list. I too am in the game. We both share loving gardening and visiting other gardens.

  4. Thank you Missy, I would like to join in.
    We had a Missy dog in my teens and she was an Aussie terrier too :)

  5. I do that too, nipping vegetables half way through cooking. It does look to me that your purpose of blogging was the same as mine; for personal records but things evolve and we end up reading others' blogs a whole lot more than recording. Have a great week ahead!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. It's good to know others that share the same interests .
    I'm sure that's why I spend so much time reading so many blogs.

  7. Missy, its fun to know more about you. How wonderful to have somebody to share your love of gardening with.

  8. I love your pictures Missy! Especially the one of your beautiful, vibrant multi-colored veggies and your ADORABLE grandkids! What a great list of 10 things! :)


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