Friday, 17 September 2010

Red, white and just a touch of blue

A lot of people go for early morning walks around our neighbourhood. Hopefully none of them saw me in my PJs and dressing gown with camera in hand catching what's in flower at the moment.
red & white vinca rosea
white wisteria
red prostrate calliandra tweedii

and his big brother

then into the front yard -  his cousin calliandra haematocephala 'Alba'
who lives near the red flowering coral plant - russellia equisetiformis
the red poinsettias

hippiastrum and dietes along the front fence line (a very quick snap) 
and just to show the entire garden isn't red and white - an iris.

Have a great weekend and check out more flowers in Fertiliser Friday at Tootsie Tme


  1. Beautiful flowers. I have the rusellia. The humming birds love it.

  2. What lovely flowers you have in your garden right now. I really love the white Wisteria ... and that white Calliandra! I'm such a fan of white in the garden and those two are just gorgeous. I've never been able to find the white Calliandra in the nurseries up here ... and I've never really noticed it in the gardens here either. It's spectacular. The iris is so pretty and so are your Hippies. Great early Spring post!

  3. Beautiful pictures and a chuckle too! I loved visiting you today. I chuckle because you can find me most mornings in my pj's taking pics in my garden.

  4. I'm a big fan of the coral plant... I've planted a couple in my garden and can't wait for their billowy form to get bigger and spill out into the other plantings. I like all the calliandras too!

  5. Oh those 'poofs' are so cool! And Pointsettia in the garden is too. We only see them as potted plants at Christmas.

  6. thank you for linking into FF this week...your colors are just so vivid!!! absolutely beautiful!!! I love visiting the gardens that I would never have seen without the internet!

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. Bernie, I'm a fan of white. If there's a white flowering version, it comes home with me.
    Maureen, the poinsettias are about to be chopped back so they can shoot again for next winter. If I don't prune they'll grow huge like a tree.

  8. What a lovely combination of red and white! I really like the wisteria and the irises - beautiful!

  9. I just pruned my poinsettias. Too soon? I'm further south than you so maybe I should have waited. But you live and learn I suppose.

    Is it just me or is this the time of year that makes going to work to earn the money to enjoy the weekends worthwhile?

  10. G'day Missy, pleased to meet another Aussie. Yeah Floriade is fun. I went back today for another look. They have a gnome painting thing there every year and today, like a big kid, I painted one then proceeded to take it around the gardens with me and take photos of him amongst the tulips and bulbs and prunus blossoms.Will post them on here later. Hahaha. Katie Noonan did a freebie concert there today too.

  11. Linda May. The gnomes are the clincher... definitely booking in to visit next year. Looking forward to your post.

    Paul - It's not too soon to prune back the poinsettias - I'm just running late doing mine, also I like to strike a few each year so I wait until it gets a bit warmer.

  12. What fantastic plants, especially that calliandra. Love the white wisteria too!


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