Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Turning over a new leaf

Spring means new life and new leaves throughout the garden. Although many plants continue to grow throughout winter in the sub-tropics, they all seem to enjoy a new lease on life once spring is here - just as we do.
The lilly pillies have wonderful pink new foliage which will soon be followered by puffy white flowers. You can just see the buds starting to form.
The frangipanis are coming to life after their winter dormancy.

The canna that were chopped back to ground level are sending up new leaves.
Palms are unfurling new leaves.
The avocado tree has delicate pink new leaves and flowers beginning to form as well.
I tried getting a close-up of the avocado flowers and through the viewfinder spied this cute little spider.  Hopefully he's busy pollinating the flowers so we will have a crop of fruit later in the year.

The crotons have to be different. Since their leaves are normally so bright, their new leaves are green, which draws attention to them even more.

In our garden we all enjoy spring - the gardeners and the plants.
Spring is when you want to be in the garden all day every day.


  1. I totally forgot your seasons are the opposite of mine!! We're heading into fall and my asters and 'Chocolate' eupatorium are blooming. My mums should be next. What is Christmas in summer like?

  2. Great post, Missy! My Plumerias are sending out their new leaves ... as are the Crotons and Palms. I wish I had Lilly-pillies growing here as I so love that bright red when the new leaves appear ... there's a whole row of them in the garden where my youngest son lives in Brissie and they were all covered in new growth when I was there just over a fortnight ago. Lovely sight!

  3. TS - Christmas here is hot - usually it's salads, cold meats and seafood and a swim in the pool to cool dawn mid-afternoon. I've never seen a White Christmas.

    Bernie - We have the lilly-pillies right along the side fence - grew them from seed, so cheap but attractive screen. I grew them in Cairns so they would grow where you are, I think. We don't water ours.

  4. Oh, Missy, I am in awe watching your garden unfurl for spring. So many different and delightful flowers and trees, I'm so glad I found your blog. I will share my White Christmas with you and look forward to seeing your Warm Christmas!

  5. Hey Missy
    It's taken forever but I've located you on Blotanical and will now be following!
    Have never grown crotons .. but one of these days!
    Love the design of your blog. And I'm a huge fan of everything East/SouthEast Australia!
    (aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz)

  6. Hi Missy
    So many beautiful colours...Gorgeous garden!

  7. Some great shots! Love the colors and shapes!!


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