Monday, 6 September 2010

The very first rule of photography

We have decided to redesign part of the garden near the back patio to feature a variety of ferns and cycads rather than the heliconias and gingers which die back and look a bit ragged each winter. Daryl, a friend of John’s, had offered to give us some hollow Ironbark logs which we will plant up. So over the weekend we hooked up the trailer to go and collect the logs.

Rather than take the SLR I grabbed our little camera on my way out the door so we could record the event. You see I’d been reading Gail’s advice from Clay and Limestone and remembered Rule 1. Always take your camera with you.

The logs were great. We loaded them onto the trailer then went for a walk to a look around the property.. Daryl showed us where a small honeyeater had made a nest in his large Gymea Lily. I raced back to the car to get the camera and pushed the button to turn it on. That’s right. ..You guessed it. …Flat battery.

Soon after, we saw a pair of King Parrots sitting in a nearby tree – literally posing for a photo shoot. Further on along the track a green tree snake decided it was better to pretend to be a stick and remain totally still rather than to hide. But, of course, I was carrying a useless camera.

I learnt a valuable lesson.

In future I will check that the camera is working before I set out.

I will remember writing this post.

I will (hopefully) say to myself “What’s the very first rule of photography?”


  1. Its a pity that you have missed the beautiful moments in capturing all that you mentioned in your camera.
    It often happens to me too.
    I often charge 4 batteries (2 for spare) just in case something like this happens.
    And additional - I also use my mobilephone camera too - for insurance.
    Hope this information helps.

  2. Thanks James. I was really annoyed with myself.

  3. I've only just started taking my camera everywhere, all the time. It really does make a difference. I, too, had the flat battery problem a month ago, and since then, I've plugged the camera in at night so it's ready to to in the morning.
    Your project sounds lovely.

  4. Oh Missy, that's happened to me too before. I once went on a garden writers tour with no sd card. Fortunately, another friend lent me one. You remind me that I need to charge my battery. Thanks.

  5. That experience rings true for me too...but I am just as likely to take the battery out to charge and leave it on the charger!

  6. I forget to put my SD card in the camera all the time!

  7. Wow, bet those King Parrots were fabulous. :) But unfortunately this definitely sounds like something I would do or should I say have done. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Hello,I just discovered your blog though a comment you made on Rainforest Gardeners blog. I will be following along - at last another blogger that is in a similar climate to mine!

  9. Missy, I saw your blog before, but somehow was not following it, so glad I rectified that. I just spent a lovely half hour going through all your informative posts.

  10. good reminder - but as life has it, you usually see the best things when you don't have a working camera!

  11. Hi Missy
    Yes rule 1 - is always have your camera with you.
    That's because we are human, and have to keep reminding ourselves of the basic rule.
    In your case, a working battery.
    It happens.


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