Sunday, 3 October 2010

Change is good, right?

This used to be the view from our backdoor.
Posted by PicasaWe have a large paved area at the back of the house which we have surrounded by garden.
Because there were quite a few tropical plants (heliconias, gingers, etc) it always looked rather tatty with bare patches and frostburnt leaves in Winter but came to life again in Summer. I didn't mind. To me, Winter is a time when the whole world closes it's eyes and waits for Spring. John wanted to get rid of the plants that suffered through Winter. I just wanted to tidy the area, give them fertisiler and new mulch and let nature do the rest.  John was adamant that he wanted something that looked good all year round. I could see his point I suppose, so we agreed to redesign the area.

We dug out most of the plants and moved them to other parts of the garden, then arranged some hollow logs that we'd got from a friend's farm. We left the crotons (which are towards the back and sides of the area) and the cycads, and little patches of mini-mondo grass.
We had a couple of bamboo palms and a lady palm that had been inside in large pots for a few years. They were liberated into the garden.  
 Also, we bought a couple of birds nest ferns and tree ferns Cyathea cooperi . We will put ferns in the open hollow log (in the centre) and I would like something at the front where it is bare, so it's not quite complete yet. We used fine hoop pine back as the mulch. It looks great and seems as though it will be good at water conservation.

This is now the view from our backdoor.


  1. Just a few minutes tidy up then?

    It looks great, so yes, change is apparently good. Is that a dry water course or creek bed or whatever they are called in the foreground of the last pic? (I'm such a professional with my word knowingness aren't I?).

    I just bought my first croton. Where have they been all my life? Lovely foliage.

  2. I don't even know how to comment on this because looking at both beautiful incarnations of your backyard is like looking at a Hollywood set!!! I've never seen anything like it!! I had NO idea Australia looked like that!! WOW!!!

  3. I agree with TS above, what a fantastic garden, I am so happy to have found your blog as I am learning something new every time I visit.

  4. Missy, I like what you have done - you have created more of a height layering effect which draws the eye out. How about some bromeliads in the foreground?

  5. Wow, either view would be fine with me. So many of your plants are just house plants for me. I agree with TS, it does look like a Hollywood movie set. Incredible design.

  6. Beautiful garden; before and after. Change is interesting for our eyes and I guess the soil may thank you too as different plants pick up different nutrients.

  7. Wow, looks like you have been hard at work. I love seeing before and afters, I have put a few of my garden on my blog if you are interested in seeing them.

  8. Wonderful transformation. And thank you so much for adding my blog to your fav list!!! I am honored! And I LOVE what you do!

  9. Your garden looks very exotic, just like a holiday resort!

  10. Really eye-catching now, and still enchanting.
    More focused, I expect that's it!

  11. This is my first visit to your blog and it is incredible! You have the tropical garden that I covet but can't have because of the sometimes cold weather in the winter here in Oregon.

    Thanks for sharing and letting me daydream!


  12. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
    Since we made this change it has rained almost every day (usual for this time of year) and it has given the new plants the best possible start in life.

  13. Wow, Missy! I don't know why I don't have you on my blogroll!!!! I love pups! Oh, and I love your garden! Sounds like you are growing tropicals with "fear of frost" just like me! And you are growing so many similar plants. Love your reworking of the garden, though that original view was pretty outstanding as well.


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