Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Missy's upset

I think I’ll ring the RSPCA – Well if I could use a phone I would. I know they are busy with really important work BUT this is really important to me.
This is my garden and my blog and lately I'm feeling neglected.

As you know they left me at a kennel while they went on holidays. I got over that and forgave them and life returned to normal. It was raining every day for a couple of weeks so we all stayed inside and I missed my backgard games and walks.
Now I have a new problem. Since the weather has fined up and the days are get longer, John and Ros spend more time in the garden. My dinner time has been getting later and later.

I’ll admit there's a lot of work to be done and it’s the best time of day to work in the garden…but….. they stay out there until it gets dark. Don’t they realise a dog needs to eat?

They’ve spread the compost from the bins and John has shredded all the foliage they’ve pruned to use as mulch on the garden or to make more compost.

I've had to supervise the whole process. It's tiring for a small dog.

They’ve weeded and fertilised and watered and mulched.

They’ve revamped the veg patch – Ros has ripped out the tomatoes and planted new seedlings ….. John shredded the old squash, pea and zucchini plants and they went into the compost bins.
The chooks are loving it.

That's right. The chooks get fed. But what about the poor little dog. Afternoons are supposed to be spent playing with your dog, taking her for walks, then feeding her.

Yes, I’m definitely going to complain… if I can find someone to dial the number for me.

Now they tell me they will be going away next weekend to do a photography course. Who is going to feed me?


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Missy, you are really smart and capable. Clifford is only good as a backdrop and a wood chipper. If it is any comfort at all, Clifford is also upset. He's been getting more dog pellets these days instead of sumptuous meals since I spend more time on the computer instead of cooking.

  2. Poor you. I hope they stop neglecting you. But at least it looks you did a great job as a supervisor, your garden will be great and you will be able to enjoy it more.

  3. OH, Missy, you poor doggie. I should put you in touch with my two little doggies, Pudding & Teddy, who feel just the same way! They won't forget about you, you're too sweet!

  4. Hehehe....Hang in there!

    I want to visit Karalee;-))


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