Saturday, 9 October 2010

What's in flower at the moment

 I've found a few flowers in the garden this week that have demanded attention so we are off to join in Flaunt Your Flowers Friday at Tootsie Time.

Golden candles (Pachystachys lutea) is blooming.
It is a close relative of the justicas which haven't started flowering yet but should soon.
This bottlebrush (callistamon) is a favourite with the birds (mainly lorikeets) but I haven't managed to get a photo of them yet this year. Whenever I hear them (they are a noisy bunch) and race inside to get the camera they all take off before I can return.
Strelitzias are one of the toughest plants we have. These are along the front of the house. This is Strelitzia Reginae. They seem to flower all year round but put on an extra show in the warmer months.
Strelizia Nicolai is the giant of the family.
The plants grow huge. Some of ours are they same height as our palms. As they grow taller the flowers form higher on the trunk and usually three or even four flowers will form from the same flower stalk. The old ones start to die off as new ones form. The plants form clumps like their smaller cousins and need to be thinned occasionally. We've just taken out quite a few and needed an axe to chop them out. 
Finally, an exciting find in the garden. My native frangipani Hymenosporum flavum has started flowering for the first time. It was only planted 18 months ago. It is a rainforest plant found from Sydney right up the eastern coast of Queensland. At the moment it's covered in buds with only a couple of flowers open, so I'm looking forward to a great show and wonderful perfume over the next few weeks.
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  1. Oh, you have no idea how much fun this post was for me; I have had a very stressful few days. Seeing all the flowers, which to us are exotic in the extreme, was wonderful! The strelitzia (I always called them 'Bird of Paradise-thank you for the correct terminology)are so beautiful, and I was amazed to read they are very tough. Your frangipani and the pachystachys lutea are, well, I am running out of adjectives...gorgeous. You must get so bored seeing posts about zinnias and petunias when you have a veritable paradise of plant material in your own garden. Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Such great colour ... the native Frangipani is just beautiful. I've never actually seen that one before ... the flowers look like they start off quite a dark yellow and then fade to that lovely soft lemony yellow.

    You're so lucky to have the room to grow the Nicolai ... I've seen how tall it can get! I, too have a lot of trouble taking photos of the Rainbow Lorikeets. There's always a lot of them around ... you can hear them ... but they're nearly always at the tops of the trees which makes it hard to get a clear shot.

  3. What a beautiful paradise you live in.

  4. My golden candles are also starting to flower, they are such a delight. - you look as though you have lots more room than I do though, those giant bird of paradise are HUGE. I have been carefully nurturing a strelitzia - I heard they can take a few years before they start to flower. Beautiful flower you have there. I have never seen the native franzipani - will have to look out for it, it might do better in this climate.

  5. Wonderfully exotic blooms, Missy! So many are my personal faves. And what a lovely native frangipani that is! I've never heard of that. I think it needs to hit the U.S. market, since Aussie plants do so well here in Florida. Oh, and I couldn't help but notice...Is that a pink bottlebrush?

  6. I'm so envious of your bottlebrush and Strelitzias. Firstly I've chopped down my callistemon because it was almost taken over by plant parasites. It used to be the pride of my garden and birds used to have parties there. Then my Strelitzias simply refuse to bloom, sigh!


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