Monday, 29 November 2010

A walk around the garden

A walk around the garden can sometimes be a pleasant stroll just taking everything in, but more often for me it's a patrol - a reconnaissance mission. It will either result in a "to do" list a mile long or be interrupted by some pruning or weeding. I'm sure most gardeners are the same - always on the lookout for what needs doing next.

The pink justica is looking stunning but I'm going have to watch that red coleus. It will grow huge if you let it. It will need to be chopped back soon.

The pink cannas have started to flower. They are a smaller variety than the others and are always the last to flower.

The orange canna are powering along but next weekend I'll check them again. Once a stem has finished flowering it starts to die so it needs to be chopped off at ground level. If they are left you have a very tatty stand of canna, and it encourages diseases.
The orange ones deserve a close-up

Orange and lime green. I love the lime coloured leaves of the ornamental sweet potato and it makes a great ground cover but it's invading the orange broms so will need to be trimmed back. The orange flowers are nastursiums growing in amongst the sweet potato.   

The date palm is flowering.
This Balinese agave Furcraea foetida 'Medio Picta' is almost as tall as me and a couple of meters wide. We had to redesign the garden pathways to accomodate it because we'd under-estimated its spread and planted it too close to the edge. It fights the Bismark Palm for attention at the moment. As it gets bigger the Bismark will win. They are a spectacular palm.
This is a different Bismark in another part of the garden. A friend had it in a pot and didn't want it anymore so we found it a home. Seems happy here.

The area John redesigned and replanted a while back is looking healthy.

Behind the pool everything's growing like wildfire. I need to get into this area with my secateurs.  The hibiscus (centre) really need cutting back. They are nearly as high as the palm trees. 
Around the front of the house - the climbing bauhinia - from in front of the shed. It grows over a retaining wall as well as over the fence.

In the rainforest area there's always something in bloom this time of year. The Silky Oak grevillia robusta is just starting to flower. Looks like the birds have been into them already - That's OK. That's what they are there for.
I can see someone that needs a trim.  I should never have planted a Sheenas Gold in with crotons and cordylines. It just grows far too fast. I liked the contrasting colour but forgot how often they need pruning.
Meanwhile inside, John has brought some Christmas trees up out of the shed. 
Only 4 weeks to go.


  1. What a sight for sore eyes, beautiful plants and garden. My sort of planting!

    Whilst its cold and frosty here it's lovely to see such a display of colourful plants

  2. Thank you for the walk through the garden. You have done a great job with all the contrasts of colour, shape, and form. It is worth the list of chores to have the enjoyment.

  3. I need to heed that advice re old canna stems. In that same photo, I can't help but admire the beautiful plumeria in full bloom! That's a fave of mine. Your whole garden is beautifully lush and tropical!

  4. Your garden is looking lovely Missy, and I too cannot just go for a quick stroll, it always ends up being hours weeding and cutting things back! That bauhania vine is spectacular - and your new area has filled in nicely. I have to ask - what do you do with FOUR christmas trees?

  5. Oh, my, I do not know where to start, there's every kind of flower and texture to admire in this usual. You have the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. What a treat to see all of this beauty at a time when everything here is dormant.

    I hope you share your Christmas decorating ideas with us, too!

  6. It seems so surreal to see summer/spring time color and tropical plants along side Christmas trees. Except for New Orleans for 6 months, I have always lived in a cold climate with loads of snow. I know what you mean being on patrol in your garden. I too take little time to enjoy the garden as there is always work chores waiting.

  7. You are so right. That's what I usually ponder over and do during my garden walk too. I like all the palms, blooms and foliage in your vast garden.

  8. Your exotic garden is so beautiful this time of year, a treat for us whose gardens are retreating for the winter. I love the bismarck palm! You are right. Even this time of year, I 'patrol' my garden. Many weeds grow year round, and there's always planning to do.

  9. Wow. You have such an amazingly tropical garden. Have to say now that we're sitting here with a few inches of snow on the ground, I'm kinda jealous :)

    I didn't know that you have to cut off cannas like that...I'll have to remember that for the future though!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Christmas in Australia must be ever so slightly like in Miami -- beautifully warm :) Of course it's summer for you so I guess it just feels totally out of place lol


  10. I love a good walk. Especially through the garden of another viwed from their perspective. It is very lush..

    I'm with africanaussie. 4 Christmas trees?

  11. The plant/color combinations in your garden are stunning! I am going to have to be on the lookout for the deep red coleus this spring!

  12. Your range of plants is so diverse and interesting.


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