Friday, 26 November 2010

What's Flowering in my Herb and Vege Garden

The flowers in the vege patch can feel under-appreciated sometimes. All the other plants have their picture taken when they are in flower. The plants in the vege patch flower too if they get the chance but sometimes I forget about how beautiful the are. -- so today they get their chance. Today they are the stars of Fertilizer Friday.






Pineapple sage

Aloe vera
and last but not least Eggplant

 To see more flowers being flaunted from all around the world visit Tootsie Time 


  1. The flowers that turn into vegetables are my favourites.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! what a great idea to share the pretty blooms from the veggie garden!!! wooo hooo!!! great idea indeed! thanks for linking in today!

  3. Lots of great herbs and vegies in bloom at your place ... I love seeing the Eggplant flowers!

  4. Love the aloe vera flower, have never seen a bloom before, and the pineapple sage--you have so many fantastic flowers to share in every post!

  5. They are the kind of flowers, I am waiting in the summer.

  6. The flower of aloe vera I've seen over here is yellow. Do you consume your aloe vera?

  7. Nice blooms. I have the yellow beechnut squash and it looks like your yellow flower here. But the flowers bush is always under attacked by the squirrels and cats.

  8. How nice for you to promote the unsung heroes of the vege garden. These plants lure in pollinators which means more goodies for us later.~~Dee

  9. My garden has gone to sleep for the winter so I am a bit jealous of all your fabulous vegetableness!! How do you use the coriander?

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone

    One - I know you can use the juice from aloe vera but all I've used it for is as a soothing gel on the skin (for sunburn, etc)

    Karen - Pineapple sage smells like pineapple. It's wonderful and grows from a cutting.

    TS - We use coriander in salads and stir-fries. Many Thai recipes use it and I love Thai food. You can use the leaves and roots and even the seeds. I'll post some recipes soon.


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