Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GBBD December - A feast of flowers and foliage

Missy's garden loves the summertime. While I may sometimes complain about the rain and the heat, the plants certainly love it. There is an abundance of colour in the garden at the moment. It was hard to choose just a few.

Don't frangipanis just scream summer.

The ixoras are in full bloom.

Of course the bauhinia is still flowering.
The beehive ginger has started to flower. They will get larger as the season progresses.

Mr Snail is already enjoying them. With all the rain we've had latley the snails are everywhere,

and so are the grasshoppers. The bugs are certainly having a feast. They love the fresh new leaves and even have a go at some of the flowers.
Look what someone (I'm guessing a grasshopper) did to this hibiscus before it even had a chance to open.
I think it's time to make some of my chilli spray to deter them.

But, you don't always need flowers to have brilliant colour in the garden - just look at these.

Persian Shield  Plant (Strobilanthes) with it's iredescent purple leaves

Coleus and croton.

more coleus

Maybe someone can tell me what this is - I don't know, but if I keep it pruned low, it makes a great ground cover.
and I can't forget the cordylines.

As you can see, we will be having a very colourful Christmas.

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  1. I love your blog Missy. Most of the plants you show are 'indoor' plants in Melbourne. I love the Frangipani especially.

  2. Fabulous GBBD post! Just loving the colours of your Ixoras and that climbing Bauhinia ... gorgeous! The unknown plant is certainly vaguely familiar, but its name is just not popping into my head ... it does have brilliant foliage! Your Ginger is putting on a great display ... despite becoming the main meal for little creatures! Does your chilli concoction keep away the grasshoppers? ... I have real trouble with them at this time of the year.

  3. Pretty flowers, Missy. It will be a while before I see them in my garden. Lots of white though...

  4. I'm sure the frangipani smells good. I would love to grow those beehive ginger.

  5. These are great pictures - my favourite being that beehive ginger. Your foliage is just as colourful as the blooms.

  6. The chilli spray is simply lots of crushed chillis mixed with soap and water. Exact quanities don't matter too much. The soapy water is to lower surface tension. It doesn't totally stop grasshoppers but it does reduce the damage they do.

  7. Mmm, beautiful pictures, so colorful.. very nice..

  8. Lovely pics. I especially like the ixora and the beehive ginger, and the colourful leaves are wonderful.

  9. Beautiful! It is interesting to see a garden with plants that seem very exotic to me. I have never seen beehive ginger in my life or many of the other flowering plants in your post.

  10. Yes, I hear your garden screaming "Summer" from all the way across the world! Screaming in my face, LOL. We are having winter here, before our winter solstice has even arrived. Ugh.

    I love the beehive gingers I keep seeing on blogs. It has found its way to my wishlist....should I ever come across one, it will be mine! I couldn't help but cringe at those hibiscus photos. The Obscure Bird Grasshoppers ate the flower buds off my southside hibiscus all year long. I've never had such a scourge of those beasts in my garden before. It was a rare event to see an intact bloom open.

  11. aloha,

    beautiful colors from your garden this morning, thanks for showing your lovely summer down under.

    the frangapani is a knockout and one of my favorites, i can almost get a whiff from your photos

  12. I love your snail and grasshopper photos! It's funny how the beehive ginger looks like a honey wand.

  13. Dear Missy, I love your blog and your baby photos in the sidebar are adorable! Looking at your blooms made me feel WARM again in an extremely chilly Pennsylvania. Beehive ginger is new to me ... I can see how it got its name. Thank you for visiting my blog. Pamela x

  14. Wow a lot of blooms. I specifically love that yellow ginger flowers, but the color of that snail is so unique too. The strobilanthes is also awesome. They look so healthy too and the photos are beautiful.

  15. That Beehive Ginger is quite an amazing plant. I have never seen such a unique blossom.

  16. Hi Missy, I too love the beehive ginger. I added a couple of ginger plants late in the season this year so no blooms but I'm hoping for some next season! I love looking at your summer fun to see when we're so cold!

  17. Let stare at the hopper and snail, see who will win!!

    I bet you will run away.

  18. Very nice Persian Shield and red Coleus - quite eye-catching.

  19. Merry Christmas and Happy new year. jim and pat

  20. Another fan of the beehive ginger here, it's a bit fabulous. Does it actually produce edible ginger, or is it ornamental only?

  21. Beautiful flowers, many I had never heard of before! Visits to your blog are always an education. :o) I had never heard of beehive ginger. What a fabulous plant!!

  22. Hi Missy,

    You have a lovely plants in your garden and i'm sure you will give you the beautiful morning when did you see them.

    Just like to share with you a beautiful quote...

    "You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life" - Albert Camus

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  23. I have a beehive ginger too. I have been told they can grow huge!


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