Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ho Ho Ho - Santa was a hit.

Santa made an early visit last weekend, but he's promised to return Christmas eve.

John's extended family have a Christmas get-together on the Sunday before Christmas each year. This year it was at Monica and Chris' house.
Santa was a hit with the kids, but Lucy knew he wasn't the real Santa because she saw the string holding on his beard. (Girls of 4 almost 5 know these things)
Even if he wasn't the real one, Santa was very jolly. He had presents for everyone and posed for photos with the littlies and some of the biggies too.

Anthony and Lucy thought Santa did well. How did he know Buzz was Anthony's favourite?

Hayden and Harry weren't particularly impressed but went along with it. Next year they'll be playing with the big kids.

and Monica has a bit of a thing for Santa we think.

It rained for most of the day (as usual this Summer) but everything was under cover so it didn't spoil the fun.

When it did stop raining for a while, the kids burnt off a bit of energy having races in the backyard. Of course, they were the ones the needed to burn a few calories after lunch.


  1. It's amazing what eagle eyes young children have when it comes to recognising the real Santa! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all! It's good to know that Santa does a return trip though!

  2. There is so much and joy and fun. I enjoy watching the kids' facial expressions. Santa must be feeling warm in Summer.

  3. Hi Missy, Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Very best wishes to you and your family for the holidays! Jennifer

  4. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time indeed! Nice to be reminded of a Christmas where it's still warm outside :)

  5. It seemed like everyone was having so much fun, that the rain didn't matter at all! Merry Christmas from the USA!

  6. Santa never fail to bring joy and delight in everyone's lives. Wishing you Merrry Christmas adn Happy New Year 2011!


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