Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rain, rain go away - just for a couple of days please

We have thirty or so people coming from John's workplace for a pre-Christmas barbeque on Saturday. The plan was that they would spend the afternoon swimming in the pool, wandering through the garden and maybe having a game of badminton or backyard cricket on the lawn, or just relaxing with a cool drink in the shade.
Lovely plan - except it hasn't stopped raining. The grass is long and too wet to mow and the water in the pool is far too cold to tempt anyone to dive in.

We haven't been for a swim yet this year. Maybe I'm a wimp but there has to be a few days over 30 degrees Celcius to warm the water up before I'll venture in.

The frangipani are trying to flower but they haven't seen much sun. The grass is growing very well though.
The ladies are not happy. Their pen is soggy and muddy and they're spending most of their time in the purple palace. They only came out because they saw me with the camera and thought I had food.

Not happy, not happy at all.

At least with it being so wet outside, I've had some time to do some Christmas decorating.


  1. Know what you mean about cold pool water. Ours is way too cool except for summer, even with 90 degree temps in spring and fall. The kids, of course, don't seem to mind and have been known to go swimming on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I can't bear it. We actually have a pool heater, but $$$ make it so we can't run it.

    I'm very jealous of your frangipanis! Hope the rain stops in time for your barbeque.

  2. Wow, a Christmas barbecue, if only... :)

    Hope the weather brightens up and the rain stops for you guys soon!

  3. After 10 years of drought it seems ungrateful to moan about the rain...but I have had enough too. Sick of mowing the grass which seems to grow as I watch it! Hope it fines up in time for you to prepare and enjoy Saturday. If not I hope you have a back-up plan. :-)

  4. Gosh Missy, you certainly seem to be getting strange weather down there. It has been hot and humid up here and we get the occasional thunderstorm but no rain to speak of. Your pool looks lovely and inviting, but then again I swam all year round this year, even the chilly days! :) (It was a challenge I set myself) Hope it dries up in time for your barbie.

  5. Sounds like you have too much of a good thing!! It's cold and very windy here. Your pool is really pretty. Our Christmas tree is up but not decorated. You're way ahead of me!!

  6. I have told myself not to moan. At least we are not having floods like some parts of Australia and the drought is finally over for which I really am grateful.
    I usually love rain but just not this week. I'd like it to stop so our guests can enjoy the day. We have a large undercover area but it won't be as much fun.

  7. Your pool is gorgeous. And the ladies look restless.I am sure your guests will be pleased with or without rain, but I hope it stops for your sake.

  8. Beautiful pool. My kids would love to jump in. As for me, I would rather stay out. Come over to my garden, rain. I've just sown a lot of seeds. I would like them to remain moist without me having to check on them regularly. This way!

  9. Your summer sounds just like the one we had this past year, cold and wet. Your pool is absolutely beautiful, and the rocks are amazing!

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your guests.


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