Thursday, 30 December 2010

Some love the rain and some don't

When you're a green tree frog rain is delightful. You can spend all day napping on a leaf and all night calling to your friends. Lately our pond has become party central for the frogs.

Spiders don't seem to mind the rain either. There are still plenty of insects flying about.

The birds get a bit sick of being constantly wet though.
This little fellow found a dry spot under a palm leaf.


  1. What great wildlife captures. I am sure your not fond of the frog croaking, but they are sure cute. So is you poor wet bird. He is looking like he had enough of the rain.

  2. I wonder where butterflies go in the rain?

  3. That is one cute frog, and great camouflage too, you must have good eyes! Have you noticed more spider webs than usual? I seem to have them everywhere, big spiders too.

  4. You're right Ali - For some reason, there are heaps of spiders at the moment. Very hard to photograph though.

  5. Great wildlife shots, Missy! I'm with the green tree frog. I could use some rain right about now.


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