Monday, 13 December 2010

The Weekend BBQ

You would not believe it.
The rain did not look like it would ever stop.
The forecast was for even more rain for the next two weeks plus a strong chance of afternoon thunderstorms.
Then, just before the weekend we looked up and saw a strange new colour in the sky.

We were able to get the lawn mowed and a few weeds removed from the garden. Don't weeds just love heat and rain? Grass grows well too.

 In summer the grass needs cutting every weekend. Missy doesn't trust the lawnmower. Anything noisy that invades her garden gets barked at.
She couldn't understand why we would prefer to mow and pull out weeds rather than play with a dog. After all the rain had stopped and we were outside - surely we would want to play. She even tried to tempt me with her favourite toy.

Finally the yard was all "ship-shape" or as close as it was going to get.
Saturday morning the forecast was for rain increasing throughout the day and in parts of Brisbane the rain poured down, but we were so lucky. We had a couple of light showers but the kids could still go for a swim and they were the only ones getting wet, except for Jason who was doing lifeguard duty with the kids when a rain shower came over. 

We hung the piñata under cover.....
but other than that, the rain didn't worry us too much.  

Everyone brought food to share. There were lovely salads with the steak and sausages, savouries, fruit and cheese beforehand and  fruit salad and icecream for dessert. The hit of the day, though, was Sandra's rum balls.  The rain didn't spoil our day after all. Our guests seemed to enjoy themselves. I know we did.

Sometimes you can be lucky.



  1. Wow, that WAS lucky! Missy is so cute, how can you resist her entreaties to play?

  2. It's so good to hear ... it looks like your special day turned out to be just fine in the end! Your garden is certainly looking pretty lush ... and that grass! I wish the grass would grow like that here.

    We had an awesome thunderstorm with bucketing rain again yesterday ... seems to happen every couple of days or so just now. I do hope you get to see more of that lovely blue sky.

  3. I was thinking about your party and your last post on the possibility of rain. Lucky you. It looked like a nice affair.

  4. Looks like you had a great day, glad the weather was good.

    It seems strange seeing people have a BBQ in December - its mid-winter here in the UK!

  5. What a great entertaining area.

    I dropped Imogen up to my parents place in northern Sydney. I'm in the south. On the way I went through torrential rain from Bankstown to Parramatta, but got home and hung out the washing under a blue sky. Weird.

  6. So your wish for the rain to stop did come true after all. Glad your guests enjoyed themselves. I would rather play with Missy and her soft toy than to mow the lawn.

  7. I'm so glad your party was a success. I went to a bbq in Brisbane and it bucketed down, but it was warm and the kids had a great time running around the yard in the rain. It reminded me of my own childhood, I've always loved summer rain.

  8. Your lawn and garden looks very lush and pretty! Missy and Toby would get along great. He is always putting his favorite toy at my feet to throw.

  9. So happy the weather cooperated! Looks like you all had a great time! Your tropical paradise is beautiful and a great setting for a BBQ (or a Luau).

    Missy, you would get along great with my two pups. They are great at defending the garden from the mower as well! And they defend the carpet inside from the vacuum.

  10. I am so glad your party went well and the rain didn't ruin everything. I know how it is to get ready for big events--nerve wracking! But it looks like you had a wonderful time and that's fantastic.

    Missy is just like my Teddy dog, every time I get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor, there he is with his favorite toy, of course I am down there to entertain him, right?

  11. We've been having buckets of rain here too, but that clear blue sky would be so lovely once in a while. Great party you have there and seems everyone is enjoying themselves.Your yard looking trim and proper, though the rain gives us an excuse not to do the weeding!

  12. Looks like heaps of fun your party. It is really rare here is Adelaide to have so much rain this year. Its been a cool summer. Last year we had heatwave in November. So it is a nice change of weather this year although many warm loving veggie don't like it that much with the slow growth.


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