Saturday, 1 January 2011

Carpe diem

I haven't made any New Years Resolutions for quite a while. All they seemed to do was set me up for failure. They were the usual things like lose weight, get fitter, be better organised and find time for the things I enjoy doing but never seem to have the time to do.

This year I am making one very simple resolution .

Seize the day - Enjoy today and what I have right now.

It's very easy to wish for things I don't have. I would like to retire from work and spend more time in the garden and more time with my grandchildren and much less time sitting in traffic each day. But that will come soon enough I'm sure.

I already have a great life and the best husband I could wish for to share my life with. I have a job which is challenging but enjoyable. I have a wonderful family. I already have all I need.
I have a garden that is growing and evolving. It's not finished. It will always be changing and developing as the years go by, but although it's not perfect (and never will be) it's pretty damn good - just like my life.
Granted, there will aways be some weeds to pull, some pruning to be done and possibly some plants that die or need to be removed - but I will nurture it day by day and I will enjoy it's beauty each day.
The weather may not always be kind to my garden, but I will accept what I cannot change. It will always survive and in the good times it will flourish.
There will always be new challenges and surprises and  also, I'm sure, some disappointments. Every day will bring a new leaf or bloom to my garden. I intend to appreciate each of them as they come along.
This is my resolution for 2011.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Oh missy, I think your garden is just glorious! If that's what your life resembles, then you are one super lucky lady indeed.

    Happy New Year!

  2. That is exactly the resolution I'm working on! Seize the Day! I've spent too much of life fretting about what I don't have and longing for something better. It all goes by far too quickly for such thoughts.

    Those heliconias--wow--they are stunning! Surely they bring a smile to your face.

  3. I love your attitude!! I read online that Australia is having a lot of problems with flooding. Has any of that affected you? I hope you stay safe and dry!

  4. I reached the same conclusion around a year ago. Just enjoy today and all it brings! There will always be the low lights, the problems, the heartaches ... but at the end of each day if you have a wonderful partner to share it all with and great family and friends around you, you've got all it takes to get through whatever may come. Enjoy your 2011!


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