Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday's Flowers

Because mainly "tropical" plants grow in Missy's garden they just love the heat, the rain and the humidity. They are getting an abundance of each. The rain keeps pouring down here but I couldn't let a Flaunt your Flowers Friday pass, so while there was a short break in the rain I raced outside with the camera.
There are so many plants in flower at the moment the problem is choosing which to include and which to leave out.
This ginger has the most delightful fragrance. On a warm Summer's evening it wafts through the garden. When this ginger is in flower it is my favourite plant in the garden.

 The beehive ginger are getting larger. There are dozens of them now. I'm going to divide the clump in Autumn and start a new one somewhere else.

The red ginger doesn't flower but has the most wonderful red stems and leaf veins. It dies back over Winter so is always a welcome visitor in the warmer months and gets to be included here today.

The orange heliconias are opening up further and lots of new 'buds" are appearing.

These are doing well too. We divided and transplanted them in Spring and they've shot ahead.

Next a few hibiscus.

I don't know any of their names (sorry).

They make a great hedge and privacy screen around the pool area and their flowers are a real bonus.

This double hibiscus is such a delicate pink.

Of course I have to include at least one frangipani.

The red canna can't be ignored either, but the constant rain knocks the cannas' flowers about and most of them are looking quite ragged.

The golden candles flowers right through the warmer months.

The ixoras flower constantly as well. They come in so many colours and I've discovered they will flower in full sun or shade.
For the last one today I thought the passionfruit flower deserved a spot. Mainly because it promises to give us tasty fruit after the flower has finished.

If you'd like to see more flowers being flaunted head over to Tootsie Time.


  1. Wow! beautiful flowers you are flaunting today! I love seeing that beehive ginger, and I want one so badly. I really miss summer!

  2. wow!!!! WOW!!!! I need to live where you do!!! holy cow is your garden gorgeous! Everything you shared is a houseplant here...I love it! My passion flower never makes fruit...and it is blooming again...wonder if it is a different looks exactly like yours does...
    I am in love with your flaunt this makes me ache for less snow and more spring!!! Thanks for linking in today...and don't feel bad about flaunting when I am in the winter months...when I am in summer you are in winter...we can keep each other going! lol

  3. Ooohh, that Ginger at the top is just gorgeous! Love your Beehives too. I've been thinking about getting more Gingers ... I'm slowly starting to like them more and more. The few I have stand up to the conditions here so well.

    You certainly have lots of lovely blooms around the garden. Lucky they all seem to be loving the rain... you're certainly getting a good deal of it this Summer! Great photos again for FF!

  4. Beautiful flowers Missy! But the scent of the first one, the Hedychium is absolutely stunning, love it and can almost imagine it wafting over it :)

  5. Hi, very nice flowers! that place must be very colorful :)

  6. hi Missie, enjoyed your photos, everything looks so orange compared to over here in england all is quite drab at the moment, still spring is on its way...

  7. Everything looks so lush. I adore Hibiscus. I have the golden shrimp plant too and the red one.

  8. Nice to meet you Missy - it's so nice to visit and see such beautiful tropical color - that ginger - wow! Right now where I am, we've got three inches of snow. My 3 chickens are hiding in their coop, and I'm about to go out and check to make sure their water didn't freeze!

  9. So lovely!!! You Aussies really got it going on!! Thank you, Missy, for the tour:). LOVED your gingers and hibiscus blooms.

  10. Hi Missy, visiting your garden is like being in my own gardenhaven in Malaysia. We have similar plants, but the disadvantage for us is we don't have the cool climate you have in spring. So you have the best of both worlds. I've seen how huge the roses bloom in Brisbane...sigh, if only...
    By the way, I'm tour 32nd follower!

  11. Beautiful flowers, but that beehive ginger is an excellent plant. Its form is so interesting, I just love it. This is the first time I have seen one.

  12. Everything is so beautiful! Your Golden Candles are called Shrimp plant here. Not sure why... Does ginger small the way it tastes? I've never grown it.

  13. Dear Missy, Your blooms certainly brightened my snowy winter day. I never knew there were so many varieties of ginger. But the beehive ginger has to be my favorite! P x

  14. Your lovely garden reminds me a rainforest garden. Truly interesting to see so many heliconias placed everywhere.
    Hope you can co-pe with their wild side.

  15. Ros - I've been reading the news about the flooding. Are you all okay? I hope you're safe, sound, and dry!

  16. Is great to see so many tropical blooms in your garden! Reminds me so much of my country. The hibiscus looks so big!

  17. Hi Missy, such a wonderful, tropical feast. The flowers and foliage look still perfect even after all the rain. Hope you, your home and garden were spared from the flood. T.

  18. so love tropical plants. how wonderful to enjoy them in January

  19. You have some lovely happy looking flowers here, glad you took up the challenge to flaunt them. That ginger does have a wonderful scent, as does the passionfruit flower.


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