Friday, 28 January 2011

What's flowering as January draws to a close?

Spider lily
I love this calliandra, especially when it's with all it's friends.

It puts on quite a show.

In the front garden there's the white
and the red

Some hibiscus
 Allamanda - single
and double

 Canna Tropicana - Pink
A red flowering Canna

 Ixora - Prince of Orange

in a bit closer
Ixora - Gold
 The heliconias of course are still flowering

The beehive ginger changes as it matures. It throws our little flowerlets from it's "hive" and the colour changes.

They change from all gold to pink and gold giving them the name Champagne Beehive

This is my baby - a different variety of beehive ginger. Isn't she cute? This year is the first time she's flowered.
the fragrant ginger - Hedychium

It's a bit early for it but the Tibouchina is starting to bloom as well.

and I can never forget to show a frangipani.
To discover flowers from around the globe, visit Tootsie Time to see who else is flaunting their flowers this Friday.


  1. I just love your beautiful posts. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. Those beehive blooms are to die for!!! Great share for Fertilize Friday.

  3. so beautiful...what a fabulous post for a Fertilizer Friday!! I needed a bit of color with all the white cold snow here..thanks!

  4. It's all beautiful...I personally just fell in love with that first Hibiscus!!

  5. Missy, such a lush contribution to Fertilizer Friday, all of your flowers are gorgeous and so exotic to me. It warms my heart to know somewhere there are flowers blooming right now.

  6. Beautiful flowers.

    You asked about the native passionfruit on my blog post. The fruit of this plant taste like a light sweet passionfruit.

  7. Hi Missy ,
    I love your flowers ,I think I may try some of the heliconias myself ,
    Thankyou so much for your comments ,I am your newest follower

  8. The calliandra is stunning. I'm big fan of gingers too!

  9. hi the calliandra caught my have so much colour at this time of year...

  10. I love your plants...especially the beehive ginger. Haven't seen that variety here in Malaysia. Must look out for it at the garden nurseries. The fotos are great.

  11. Oh it is so nice to see so many blooming plants for a change! Everything is dormant here except my pineapple sage has somehow managed to keep blooming through the winter. Beautiful ginger too!

  12. Missy, your photographs take me to another world! Exotic! Unusual! Beautiful! Love the calliiandra! You live in the wonderful place!

  13. OMG! there is one after another!!! and they are all just gorgeous!!! Your photos are amazing!
    Thank you so much for linking in this week and sharing is definitely FLAUNT WORTHY!!!! have a great week...and I hope you will link in again soon!

  14. Beautiful pictures! I keep trying to pick a favorite but it's so hard!

  15. Missy
    I'm bewitched by this brilliantly colorful array!

  16. Wonderful, colorful photos Missy. I really like your varieties of ginger. Your calliandra look so fragile.

  17. beautiful january blooms! love how your garden is so tropical.


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