Friday, 25 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 1. The Rainforest area

Finally at the end of the tour!

I feel like a Mum on graduation night. I am so proud of these trees. They are all native Queenslanders. Most are from this region. A couple are from tropical rainforests further North. They were so tiny when we planted them. Some we grew from seed. They needed regular water and mulch to ensure they would remain healthy. Now they are growing up. They look after themselves and I am merely a visitor who comes to enjoy their company. They provide their own mulch and are adapted to their environment.

When you look up they have formed a wonderful canopy - not quite mature trees yet. They will keep growing for many years and some may even become giants. In their natural environment some grow to over 30m tall.

I did quite a lot of research before choosing these trees to ensure they would be suited to our climate and conditions.
They take turns at different times throughout the year at putting on a show, not just with flowers but with their beautiful new leaf growth. Many produce fruit. I've seen recipes using the fruit of a number of our trees but so far haven't tried any. I prefer to let the birds eat them.
I'll do a roll call.
This may not be everyone, bit it's most of them.
• Silky Oak  - Grevillea Robusta • Tuckeroo - Cupaniopsis anacardioides • Blue Quandong - Elaeocarpus grandis • Wheel of Fire - Stenocarpus sinuatus • Golden Penda - Xanthostemon chrysanthus • Illawarra Flame Tree - Brachychiton acerifolium • Pink Euodia - Melicope elleryana • Eumundi Quandong - Elaeocarpus Eumundi • Native frangipani - Hymenosporum Flavum • Crows Ash - Flindersia australis • Queensland Box - Lophostemon confertus • Ivory Curl - Buckinghamia celsissima and last but not least, the  lilly pillies -  Blue Lilly Pilly - Syzygium oleosum, Rose Apple Lilly Pilly – S. Moorei, Bush cherry - S. paniculatum, Powder puff lilly pilly - S. Wilsonii, Small leaf lilly pilly - S. luehmannii & S. australe.

As the trees grow taller I’ve started to mark out pathways and have started to think about under-planting. Until they were established I didn’t want other plants competing with them for nutrients but I think they are old enough to cope now.

Every class need a group photo.
Oh dear, now I know where John was moving the trailer to. 

So now I've been right around the garden and have a record of each part as it is in 2011. In a couple of years, God willing,  I will do this again and see how it has changed. That is one of the most interesting and exciting things about a garden - it is always changing.


  1. Oh! The tour is over? I was so enjoying the posts that I am a bit sad now. I like the variety you have in your garden and the little microclimates you have created with different plantings. I love the picture of Missy walking down the 'messy' path. It looks idyllic. My dad used to build composts the way John does...on all four sides the planks could be removed. My only complaint about the series of posts is that I couldn't enjoy the smells or feel the air...otherwise I felt like I was really visiting you.

  2. I very much enjoy your garden tour. I especially love the pathway and wondering where it leads to. If I have a garden like this, I wouldn't need to walk the dogs daily.

  3. I'm with Hazel! I'll miss your tour. You have an amazing garden Missy, you must have really great workers :D

  4. You have a wonderful garden. Everything so lush. It's the kind of look I want for mine but all I have is cement, my potted plants, cement, my air plants, cement. I think your flame tree is the same or similar to our local fire tree. I have that out front but the soil is relatively thin (although I did augment it) so I'm still waiting to see how it will fare this summer.

  5. I really love the different colored foliage. It's so beautiful. I don't know what a tuckeroo or small leaf lilly pilly are, wbut with names that fabulous they have to be awesome!

  6. You have a great selection of trees. And your Garden Tour was fascinating for all of us. Hope you will do it again in the future to demonstrate how things have moved on.


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