Thursday, 17 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 11. Pond and Bromeliad Garden

This area just seemed to develop of its own accord. We never really planned it. It is a roughly square area behind the house and to the left of the back patio. Three sides are enclosed – one side by the house – one is a row of golden cane palms we planted as a wind break and the third side is large garden bed with palms and heliconias.

There were left over pavers and piles of dirt from constructing the back patio so John made paved pathways through the dirt piles and we reshaped the piles of dirt, added extra soil, compost and a few rocks to hold in the soil and I planted things.

Originally it was to be just a bromeliad garden. I planted a couple of miniature date palms and a Tibouchina to help shade the bromeliads. With only bromeliads it looked rather flat so a variety of other plants have been added to create layers of interest, but the broms are still the stars.

Most visitors discover the pathways and want to wander and explore.
The golden canes create a tunnel leading to another part of the garden, but we’ll go there later. There were a lot of broms along this path but there is now too much shade for them so they've been moved. I'll have to find something else to plant that loves deep shade but doesn't need too much watering. Any ideas???
Missy likes to patrol the paths making sure the lizards are behaving and the grandchildren like playing chasey  when they are here.
The dry creek bed that ran across the back continues around the corner into this garden. This is what it looks like from the wooden walkway.
In the corner adjoining the back patio, is the pond. John recently reconstructed this pond to enlarge it and create a meandering stream to run under the raised walkway. The stream is still a "work-in-progress".

This area of the garden is outside our bedroom window so is a great view to wake up to each morning.

Future Plans - Nothing major - just ongoing maintenance and a good tidy-up (as all gardens need from time to time). That may be a job for me this weekend I think. I could see quite a few weeds while I was taking the photos.


  1. Wow again! Your garden paths are so inviting. How wonderful it would be to stroll that everyday!

  2. I love how jungle-y your garden is. I would have to go to an indoor rainforest exhibit at a museum in DC to see anything that tropical. How wonderful to wake up to that view everyday. I've passed the Stylsih Blogger Award to you for your amazing blog. Hooray!! :o)

  3. Wander and explore, you said it perfectly. That is what went through my mind in your first image. Plus pretty too.

  4. I love your meandering paths - and you have included so many different features in your garden! Kalanchoe might be good in that shady area - they are easy to propogate and still flower in the shade.

  5. Ooo Yes, I have a lovely lovely plant that grows really well in deep shade, and has the most gorgeous bright orange flowers... but I cannot remember the name of it! When it comes to me I'll let you know, I think you'd like it a lot.

    I am still in love with your garden, I think it might be the paths :)

  6. Stunning tropical/jungle garden you've got there Missy! Enjoyed looking at those photos :)

    The colour of the palm and it!!

  7. I think the plant that Ali mentioned could be a clivia - I have been hankering after clivia for a while now - they would also do nicely there.

  8. Thanks Ali and africanaussie. I think you are right. That would be the perfect spot for some clivias.


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