Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 12. Back patio area

Our back patio is actually an outdoor room of our house. We spend as much time here as we do inside the house. It a great area for entertaining. There are frequent BBQs. Christmas lunch is served here. Birthdays are celebrated here and Sunday brunch is a regular occurrence.
It’s a great spot for afternoon naps too. Missy has her outdoor bed and there’s a day bed for people as well.
The gardens surrounding this area separate it from the pool the the rest of the backyard.
The gardens serve a dual purpose. They create a relaxing tropical atmosphere, but more importantly, they shade the area from the hot afternoon sun in Summer and they protect it from the winds in Winter.
Because these are the gardens we see the most they are the most nurtured.

To the right is a stand of Majestic Palms. They are only 3½ years old but will be giants when they finish growing. Already they are providing shelter for gingers and cordylines and bromeliads.

This garden is starting to look quite jungle-like.
Behind the patio more gardens. This is the area we revamped a while back.

To the left, the pond and the bromeliad garden. There's a wooden walkway that leads to another area we call  the circle.

Future plants for this area --- just to enjoy it.


  1. Oh yes, this is a really special area. I can imagine that you just live on that back patio, it looks so inviting... and the garden leading up to the pool, just glorious.

    Before I became interested (read obsessed) in fruit and vege, I was really into creating a tropical garden. I adore a lush jungle landscape, and this is perhaps one of the reasons I am so nutty about bananas, nothing points to a tropical climate more than a banana to me.

    Lovely place Missy, and I'll bet your dog bed is COMFY!

  2. Oooh I want to visit! First I'll loll about on your daybead while you serve me tropical cocktails. Next I'll go for a dip in the pool. Following that I'll go for a little walk on your wooden walkway through the jungle!

  3. Wow! Simply stunning. I'm (almost) speechless. This is what I have envisioned for my own garden. I'm pretty sure it'll never get there, though.

  4. your garden look so much like a tropical one.
    Its sure feels good to see your garden so much like home to me as if you are my neighbour.
    Thanks for your comments & dropping by.

  5. Missy, You have a very interesting garden indeed. I'd love to walk on that wooden walkway.

    I wonder how Ros could ever find you if you decide to hide in one of those bushes.

  6. Lovely pictures Missy. I do love the tropical gardens and your is so nice and tidy, all plants complimenting each other. Love your brick paving, in fact we have the same. The red croutons are so colourful amongst the green. Do you get to pick up a lot of palmleaves? What will you do with your garden refuse? Do you have to pay to take them to the tip, or do you have a mulcher?


I would love to know what you think and appreciate your comments.


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