Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 13. Our Utility Area

Next to the vege garden and along the side of the house near the laundry is an area that gets full sun for most of the day.  Not the most interesting part of the garden I'm afraid - but practical (and this is a warts and all tour).

About 4 years ago John laid giant “pavers” onsite, pouring cement into 90cm square boxing. We left two squares free and planted frangipani trees. They were mere cuttings when we planted them, but they are becoming trees. Between the squares we planted mini-mondo grass amongst blue stone.

This is a utility area. Our clothes line is here. There’s an old wooden table that gets a lot of use as an outdoor workbench. It’s also the main thoroughfare from the house to the shed, the chook pen and much of the garden.
In wet weather we appreciate having the pavers underfoot and in Winter it’s a warm sunny spot to sit and read. (You will notice in most areas of our garden there is a seat of some sort.)

Behind this area is a grove of majestic palms under-planted with ornamental gingers and various tropical plants. (I'll look at that area in a later post)

Plans for the future

We’ve had mixed results with the mondo grass between the pavers. At one end the mondo grass looks great. At the other end couch grass, nut grass and a multitude of other weeds have invaded and have proved impossible to get rid of. It is horrible. I have dug out the entire area and replanted only to have the grass and weeds return with a vengeance. The only alternative left is remove it all, poison and just have stone between the pavers.

If I can successfully get rid of the grass between the pavers I think I might create a succulent area or plant more herbs (in pots) in the corner near the vege garden to soften the look and add a bit of interest.

The other project planned for this year is to build a garden shed between the tank and the chook pen. – Once that’s in place, this really will be the workroom of the garden. The cement slab for the shed is being poured today.


  1. You have quite a bit going in your garden. I do like your idea for the succulents. The large pavers are a nice addition, great scale.

  2. I am psyched to have found your blog and look forward to watching your garden progress. By the way, looks pretty awesome already. I dig the mondo grass between the pavers.

  3. hello, every garden needs a utility area somewhere..and plenty of seats for sitting back and admiring all our hard work! hope you win with the weeds...

  4. Interesting.
    I never had weeds growing in my flower pots, but once it happened and it had invaded to most of my other pots and now I have to constantly uproot them.
    The best you can do is put pebbles & stones and kill them and then later transplant something that you can control easily.
    But do save your mondo grass in pots for spares.

  5. When I first started reading this post I thought - oh that area I was planning to fill with plain stones might look better with paving edged with mondo grass. I am glad I read to the end! I am enjoying your tour with all your different planned projects, but unfortunatly it also gives me ideas for more projects of my own! It is nice to have feedback on what our readers think too isnt it?


I would love to know what you think and appreciate your comments.


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