Monday, 14 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 14. Greenhouse Worm Farm and Vegetable Patch

Through the gate in the wooden fence we come to the vege garden. This is the productive area of the garden. As with most of our garden, it’s a work in progress.
At the moment it's a bit of a mess. I'm afraid.

The greenhouse (actually I should call it a shadehouse) is nestled between John’s shed and the Vege Patch and is a very simple affair. It’s constructed of black plastic irrigation pipe bent into an arches and covered with shadecloth. The shelves are old wire fence panels supported on star pickets.
This is my propagation area and plant nursery, plus storage for pots, potting mix and various bits and pieces. It’s position plus the shadecloth gives protection from the sun and wind which is needed for tender seedlings and cuttings.
The worm farm sits under the shelf to protect it from the elements.

This summer the vege patch really suffered from the heat and abundant rain. It was a real mess. I let the chooks have fun because there was nothing left that they could destroy. By Christmas I gave up and decided to just cover the beds with mulch until the weather became friendlier.
The strawberries are still doing well and some of the herbs are surviving but it needs a lot of work to get it back to peak condition.
We (well actually John) renovated the beds and pathways. Originally the pathways were decomposed granite but I was spending more time weeding the pathways than tending the vegetables.
To weed-proof the paths we used recycled plastic coated cardboard (They are the liners used between layers of pavers and cost 40 cents each from the local landscape supplier).  John covered them with smooth stones. He also raised the beds that originally had left-over bricks as their edging. It not only looks much better now, it will be more functional and easier to care for.

He also revamped my little contemplation area - where sometimes I sit and think about plans for the garden and sometimes I just sit. (The casual observer can’t tell the difference)

John would prefer I just sat because he has noticed that my plans more often than not translate to work for him.

Future plans for this area are quite simple – start planting my Autumn veges soon and replant the herb garden. I'll get some seedlings going in the greenhouse and plant some directly in the garden.


  1. So chickens make a mess in the garden? I am naive and thought they go around eating garden pests. I always wanted a couple for garden patrol. I like the paths that John built, besides being practical, they are also pretty.

  2. I love your little stone path. River rocks are so smooth and comforting. I am passing the Stylish Blogger award to you for your wonderful blog! Hooray!

  3. Oh what lovely paths - I am quite envious. Yes I too tried to grow wet season veggies this year, but the weather has been very hard. Loofah and asparagus were the only real produce. I am too am anxious to get going planting.

  4. My kids are going to remind me again that we need to do worm composting when they see yours. Right now we have a regular compost tumbler. It does the trick, but worms sound so much more fun. I bet not everybody you know would say that!

  5. Ah, I can relate to having to just cover the beds with some mulch and waiting for cooler weather...we are finally starting to warm up here a bit and it won't be long before I find myself fighting the sun and heat ;)

  6. I love the stone paths too. We quickly laid down some more mulch paths in the veggie patch recently and the weeds are already coming through. Sigh!

  7. Hi Missy, I like what John has done on the raised beds, with those boards it actually looks contemporary :)

  8. Missy, your garden has always been one of my favourites, and now it has paths! I adore a good path... and your chickens obviously adore your garden beds. Mine are all a bit sad at the moment too, the rain certainly went on for a bit long. The garden beds are sad that is, not the chickens.

    Your satellite photo is great, I did look at the site you suggested but my house was not nearly as clear as this one of yours... I've got no idea why!

  9. LOL. I think my husband would rather I just sat as well. I am beginning to get very jealous of your garden, though. You seem to have a bit of everything. The progress here in my garden is at a crawl pace.

  10. I like your contemplation place! Summer is usually a quiet time in the vegetable patch; to humid, to much rain, or to dry and hot, but autumn, winter and spring give us good results.


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