Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 3 and 2. Chookie World -

 The Chook Pen, the Bamboo and the Compost Bins

We are back today in the productive area of the garden.
This is an area we where spend a lot of time and it's very possibly Missy's favourite. Lots of lovely smells.

Looking from the back of the garden where we were yesterday.

Our chook pen - the purple palace. There's a small door on the side that opens into the bamboo area as well as the main doors. Sometimes we let the ladies roam throughout the main part of the garden, but more often we close the gate so they can scratch around under the bamboo but can't get into the rest of the garden. I don't think they mind. 

Missy having a ride on the mower while John was moving the trailer

I've posted about the bamboo quite often. With all the rain we've had this year it's powering ahead. After all, it's a very large grass and grass loves the rain and heat. We cut out the stems from a couple of years ago and use them as garden stakes, frames for tomatoes, etc.

What I'd really like to show you are the compost bins.

We have a 3 bin system. John used the hardwood planks from the pallets our pavers came on and wedged them between two star pickets. This created a  side that can be raised or lowered or completely removed as needed. When I'm shovelling the compost into the wheelbarrow I can remove one or two planks and easily get the shovel into the pile. We've used wire and the plastic covered cardboard along the back of the bins.

The planks just slide out.
We create (and use) a lot of compost. All our prunings are shredded and composted. 

John collects scraps from the fruit shop near where he works and tips them in most days. The ladies eat what they want. The rest get broken down. Each weekend we clean out the purple palace and the dropping get added the the bins. Sometimes grass clippings go in there as well, but only when we are fairly confident that they're weed free.

You can never have too much compost.


  1. Oh wow how fantastic!! Those compost bins are fabulous (do you dump worms in there too and how to you avoid vermin? I'd love to do an open one like you - I just have tumblers - but don't know how to get around the vermin thing) and your chook pen is AWESOME. Lucky chooks!!

  2. I've been catching up on your tour and posts and what fun I've had! Your garden is so beautiful. The chickens have such a nice pen; we have a much smaller set up here for our six hens and I know my flock would really envy yours. Your compost system is ingenious and you are right, you can never have enough compost, lovely black gold.

  3. I like your last comment - "You can never have too much compost". I agree wholeheartedly. But my compost production is on a much smaller scale than yours!


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