Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 5 & 4. The shade garden and behind the pool

Speeding up the countdown now! Two at a time.

The area along the back fence behind the pool  is suffering from "out of sight out of mind" at the moment. It was very waterlogged during the flood and the grass was too soggy to mow for a few weeks. The canna have fallen over. The weeds are flourishing as well. Consequently it looks quite unkempt. The plants in the garden are healthy enough. They are a mix of golden cane palms, variagated hibiscus, draceneas, cordylines and crotons.
It needs a major clean-up. Because it's way up in the back corner I haven't bothered with it. A solid day's work would have it looking nice again. Soon.... I promise.....

Along the side fence, a mixture of rainforest trees and palms create a shady area where many plants feel at home. The soil in this area was naturally quite good but we have continued to add compost and it’s paid dividends, but again this area has been neglected a bit lately as well.

The path needs raking and it could do with some maintenance but thankfully, because it is shady and has a good covering of mulch from dropped leaves, there are very few weeds. I don't want this area to look neat and manicured. I much prefer it to look as natural as possible so I'm not all that worried that it's a bit messy.

Eventually I would like the pathway edged with a mix of broms and mondo grass but I won't be buying any. I'm prepared to wait until there are enough pups to spread along the edge of the path.   The vine with the elongated dark green leaves is Pararistolochia praevenosa which is the host plant for the Richmond birdwing butterfly. I planted this in the hope of attracting them to the garden. They are similar to the Cairns Birdwing only smaller and are endangered but have been seen across the river (1/2 km from here) so I'm hopeful. If not, it's still a lovely vine.

This area is separated from the pool area by a strip of grass which currently need mowing. At the moment we have to mow every weekend to keep the grass looking like lawn. The tree in the foreground is an avocado. It's only about 18 months old so no fruit yet.   I love avocado so can't wait for it to fruit.

Future plans - Well, I've given myself a list of jobs that need doing.

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  1. Oh Missy, I just caught up with your garden tour and it's been a terrific salve to a rather raw and aching gardener's heart right now.

    It's been a pleasure to pop by and visit your gorgeous lush garden ... even your overgrown unkempt bit looks fabulous to me right now.

    As you know my garden is not looking all that great at the moment so I've been oogling over all your photos. I found myself wanting to make the same comment on all your entries, but I've stopped myself and just added it here.

    You have so many fabulous interesting plants and I just love the way you've created special garden spaces, each one with it's own character and ambience. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the tour!


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