Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 6. The Pool area

Nothing like a swim on a hot day. For us in south east Queensland the weather is warm enough for swimming from late October through to early April. So you may ask what good is a pool for the other half of the year.

When we thought about getting a pool we wanted a garden feature as well as a place to swim.

There's a spa....

.........and water fall at one end and at the other a shallow “beach” platform (about shin deep) that small children can swim in. Jumping into the pool after a day at work makes the stress of the day float away.

But the gardens surrounding the pool make it a big water feature that you can also swim in.

The Balinese hut is always a great place to be - cool, even on the hottest Summer day. There's power connected so we can cook and have dinner there on a warm evening if we want to.

In the corner behind the Balinese hut there is total shade provided by giant Stelizia Nicolai, heliconia and a few palms...
 and under them there's a variety of shade-loving plants.

This is cordyline nigra (a black cordyline about as high as I am) but because it is growing in the shade the new leaves remain pink and green for quite some time. The older leaves do eventually go black.

We're having a party in a couple of weeks and I'm sure this will be the most popular spot in the garden.


  1. Oh I am enjoying your garden tour! I think a pool is esessential in this climate - in fact last year I swam year round and intend to do the same this year! What a lovely place to have a pool party. I dont see a fence? We are going through all sorts of changes to our pool fence laws - maybe it is just in this area.

  2. Thanks africanaussie. - We have very strict laws here too about pool fencing. There definitely is one. It's black and tends to blend in with the plants in the photos, but totally childproof.

  3. Three words ... I AM JEALOUS. Beautiful tour, thanks for posting.

  4. I like the idea of the pool being a big water feature in the garden. Fun too. You have done a wonderful job gardening in this area. It looks like a resort.

  5. That looks like an inviting pool with a beautiful garden. It is also very hot here in Malaysia.

  6. Beautiful area. Must be wonderful to sit out there with that view.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. Good gravy, girl! You live in a tropical resort! I go away on vacation to experience places like this!

  8. I want a pool like yours. But of course, I need the sun, too.

  9. Woah! This is your garden Missy???? You are soooooo lucky to have a place like this to play in! My flock are jealous! :)

  10. G'day I came for a look around Missy's back yard. What a yard. What a yard.Yes I meant that twice :)

  11. This looks more like a resort than a private garden, lol. I am so envious, as this is the first house we have no which has no pool. Yours is truly beautiful and natural looking with those rocks. The plants add to coolness and make it a joy to be there. Fantastic, the landscaping you have done.

  12. Your garden is awesome. I am enjoying this garden tour. Your pool is also very nice. I think if the pool is fenced with glass then it's beauty can increase a lot. Anyway, thank you for sharing this photos.


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