Monday, 21 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 7. The Circle

Woo hoo! - over halfway through the countdown.

Our garden is quite large and divided into a number of interlocking parts. Some areas require lots of work. Others tend to look after themselves because we have chosen easy-care plants that thrive in our local conditions. I'm systematically making a record of each section so there's a complete picture of the garden.
Today's area we call the circle -  if you look at the aerial view in the sidebar you can see why.

John wanted a piece of lawn he could pamper and preen to perfection. We marked out a perfect circle. He laid the edging and top-dressed, fertilised, mowed and weeded the grass, but nature has conspired against him. Too little rain and too much rain have made achieving the perfect patch of lawn very difficult. To me, it’s green. It looks fine. It’s the gardens surrounding the grass I care about.

There are three doorways (points of entry) to this garden room.

From the side garden featured in my previous post. White wisteria grows on either side and will eventually (I hope) grow over the arbour. It looks beautiful for the month it flowers but for the rest of the year is rather boring so I’ve placed pots of dwarf bougainvillea at each corner to add a bit of interest. Being in pots, they can easily be kept in check. If they were planted in the ground they would soon take over the entire structure.

From the back patio area there's a raised wooden walkway. You can just make it out in the centre of the picture below.

The tree to the right in this photo is a Cassia javanica – the pink cassia. It’s 3 years old and yet to flower. This tree taught me a valuable lesson. Never put bromeliads under a semi-deciduous tree. Their ‘tanks” fill up with rotting leaves and they die. It is now under-planted with white cupheas and little white daisies Erigeron karvinskianus.

From the pool area.

My favourite feature in this area is the seat. It’s sunny in the morning and shaded in the afternoon – a perfect spot to enjoy the garden.

The water feature we bought recently has settled in reasonably well. The waterlillies are flowering but the fish haven't fared as well. They disappeared. I'm guessing they became food for the birds. We were hoping the plants would be enough to protect them but will have to put some wire netting over the top before we replace them.


  1. I, like John, have a penchant for a perfect bit of pampered grass. But it is usually a passing urge...I have enough to do. I really like this particular part of your garden. Can't wait for the next post.

  2. Beautiful!! Missy I also like how you have your 'workers' trained :)
    Mr Bok insists on keeping grass too for Master and Miss Bok to run about and picnic and play soccer on...The Bok Flock also approve, acting as little leggy lawnmowers and fertilising it as they go! Me - I'd rather turn it into FOOD although it doesn't get enough sunlight to grow vegies. Lucky for the rest of the family!

  3. Beautiful gardens you have. I am your new follower. Come on by my new blog, I will be updating a lot of photos this year as the season progresses.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Is the palm beside the seat Bismarckia nobilis? It's gorgeous :)

  5. Mark and Gaz - Yes. You're right. They are beautiful palms.


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