Sunday, 20 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 8. the garden along the side fence

Come with me for a walk around this area.

We’ll start outside the fernery. This bed is mainly a mix of crotons and cordylines. Eventually I would like this garden bed to be dense and overflowing with cordylines but they are still fairly small.

Along the side fence are a line of frangipani. We bought the dark red one but all the rest were grown from cuttings that John’s Mum collected from her friends at the bowls club. We planted mock orange Murraya paniculata along the fenceline behind them to protect the frangipani from wind damage and to fill in the area during Winter while the frangipani are dormant.  This is where Missy greets her doggy friends and protects the garden from people walking by. She has a partner in crime called Rambo who is even smaller than Missy and lives over the road. They yap at the big dogs or children riding bikes or whoever they think should be yapped at and, of course, to maintain your line of vision you have to run up and down through the garden. 

To continue our walk around, next we come to the lemon and lime trees in the corner. My brother gave them to John 5 years ago for his birthday. They are both wonderfully productive trees. The branches on the lemon tree are weighed down with fruit which will ripen in Autumn/Winter. We love them and plan on planting more citrus.

The beds along the back fence have a row of golden cane palms alternating with variegated hibiscus to create a screen and an assortment of plants including Alternantheras, Cannas, Dracaenas, Crotons and Coleus – chosen because they basically look after themselves with very little care and they were all propagated from cutting or division so didn’t cost anything.

The back fence from a distance. As you can see, this area is roughly rectangular.

Then as we turn the corner you can just see in to the next area of the garden we'll look at tomorrow. (the circle).
This is the other end of the tunnel from the bromeliad garden. We have to redesign the pathway as the Balinese agave Furcraea foetida 'Medio Picta' keeps growing larger and larger.
The Bismark Palm is the focal point of this area but the Calliandra gives it a run for its money when it’s in full bloom.

Turning the corner the bed on this side is a row of golden canes underplanted with a mix of lime green and orange - ground cover of ornamental sweet potato Ipomoea batatas, Bromeliad Aechmea Blanchetiana Orange, Heliconia Psittacorum and the occasional coleus to fill in any empty spaces.

……… and that brings us back to where we started.


  1. Wow again! You have an enormous garden with so much variety. I'm very jealous of your frangipanis. How lucky little Missy has so much room to run and play!

  2. What wonderful garden you have! Most of your plants are sold here as houseplants. Lemon trees loaded with fruit... what a luxury! Thank you for the tour!!!

  3. Another beautiful bit of your garden. I like the way you have planted outdoor areas/rooms.

  4. Beautiful tropical plants, love the first picture just lush:)

  5. I am so amazed at the size of your garden, no wonder so many tours. Your garden is beautiful. I am both envious and relieved I don't have all the work.

  6. You have a beautiful garden and so many trees.
    And some of your plant are amazing, like the Bismark Palm.

  7. Your garden is huge!!! Coleus are annuals here since our winters are too cold. I love all the different shades of green and the varying foliage colors your garden offers. I'm so glad it's survived all your crazy weather. :o)

  8. Oh I am so enjoying this tour, but of course keep seeing ideas that I would like to incorporate into my garden but I lack the room! Your marvelous photos did initate the idea of my path that I am working on now! In the first photo - are the edging reddish plants in the front those low cordelines? they look very lush!


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