Saturday, 19 February 2011

Garden Tour Countdown - 9. The Fernery

John built the fernery not long after we moved into our house in 2006. It is outside our bathrooms so as well as looking good provides privacy. It all started with a tray of 25 tiny tubestock ferns bought at the Rocklea Markets. We grew them on in pots until they were big enough to plant in the ground or in hanging baskets. For those we planted in the ground we mixed Coir peat (made from coconut husks) into the soil to help retain moisture. The ferns planted in the ground have thrived – so much so that we have had to thin them out each year and get rid of those with more aggressive growth so they don't smother their smaller friends. They are actually due to be thinned out at the moment.

The hanging baskets require more work and are much fussier. To keep them healthy we dip them from time to time in a large tub of a fish emulsion and seaweed extract mixture. They need regular watering and I've lost quite a few over time by forgetting to water for a couple of days in very hot weather.

One of our luxuries is to sit in the bath and look out on the fernery.


  1. I am loving this tour of your garden. It has so many interesting areas. One of my plans to to make an outdoor shower. I have the place picked out and I want to plant ferns and things in there. Your fernery...only a little smaller and with a shower. Mmmm. Nice.

  2. Now that is a great inside/'outside' connection. I love your fernery.

  3. What a wonderful, relaxing view, you certainly had good planning in place when you built this garden! The fernery is so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the tip of using fish emulsion and seaweed extract to feed the ferns.. They look beautiful!


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