Friday, 4 February 2011

A Gift for Missy's Garden

We bought the garden a present.
I saw it in a pot shop and couldn't resist.

I'd wanted a water feature for this area for quite some time. It fitted in perfectly. It's made of a heavy duty plastic and fibre glass with iron embedded in the outer surface to give the rusty appearance so is very light. Also, it's on little feet and is high enough that toads won't be able to breed in it but frogs will.
Level the area, place it in position....add water lillies and some goldfish.



  1. Oh that's a really good one, just lovely. I adore a good water feature, I currently have a very bad one and am trying to figure out how to make it beautiful.

    Hope you get some frogs moving in.

  2. Wonderful gift...I'm sure your garden is thanking you! I have been wanting to do this for a while now...everytime I pass by the water lilies at the garden center. Keep us updated...I'd love to know how easy or difficult the upkeep is.

  3. Water adds so much to a garden. It is more important where the toads are to provide habitat for it is a win win eh?

  4. Wonderful addition to your garden! The fish look very happy already. I'll bet the frogs will be there very soon. I like the way it blends into the landscape.

  5. Τhat, is a great gift for the garden. Bravo.

  6. That is a very lovely gift for the garden. I have been daydreaming to have a water feature in our garden as well.

  7. I always say that 'A pond/water feature completes a garden' :) Glad to see one in yours, and nice to see the goldies (rather essential to keep it larvae free).


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