Sunday, 6 March 2011

Peter Pan Party

We have been very busy at Missy's Garden this week. Our grandsons from Cairns (and their Mum and Dad) are visiting and we were preparing for a first birthday party.
The littlest grandson was turning one. His older brother (who's 4) decided we should have a Peter Pan Party with Pirates, Fairies, Indians, Mermaids and a Crocodile. It's one of his favourite stories at the moment. The plan was to have various parts of the garden as the Indian Camp, the Pirate Cove, Mermaid Lagoon, etc. Everyone was asked to come in costume and to follow the second star on the right to find their way to Neverland. We planned lots of games to play in the garden but as usual here lately it rained, so we moved the party undercover and inside.
We had costumes and decorations to make and food to prepare.

The Bali Hut and pool were on obvious choice as Mermaid Lagoon and even though it rained, the kids still had fun in the pool. It's warm even when it's raining.

Luckily the back patio is large so it became the Lost Boys Hideout . Everything there was green - plates, cups and of course balloons.

Pirate Cove was moved indoors.
with Pirate Crackles to eat.
The crocodiles moved indoors as well.

and there were crocodile cakes.

The Birthday Boy was a very cute crocodile and Mummy was Tinkerbell.

Big Brother was Peter Pan

There were Pirate Games

The birthday cake was the Island of Neverland and the Jolly Roger.

We all had some cake.

then the crocodile, with some help from Peter Pan and his Pirate friends, opened his presents and was just about ready for bed.

It was great fun!


  1. Happy birthday to your grandson! Wow, I love theme parties. I'm sure kids do too. The props and everything are well done and it must have great fun for all in the family and invited guests.

  2. These are the times that become such precious memories for everyone. What a fabulous day ... they are just the cutest Peter Pan and Crocodile ever!

  3. A Big Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy. Your party looked so festive and the kids looked to have a great time. I really liked the costumes. So clever and colorful.

  4. Wonderful theme party! Everything is just perfect, from the costumes to the food to the decorations. You are so creative!!!

  5. You are really good at organizing this party. I'm sure the kids love it since I love it too. Great costumes, great cakes and fantastic story. :)

  6. Gosh that must have kept you busy planning all that. What great decorations and all the food looks scrumptious.

  7. Awesome Missy - those Pirate Crackles are very tasty looking! What a great job you did....I hope the birthday boy had a wonderful day.


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