Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A problem but not a bad problem

The garden (and Missy) is being neglected while the grandkids visit. After the party we all headed to Seaworld with the birthday boy for a couple of days. We only had one problem. No one could decide which was their favourite part.

The stars are still the dolphins but they have a fair bit of competition.

The polar bears are impressive and cute for such a large animal. They swim right up to the glass.

The penguins are simply stunning - so elegant and entertaining in their refrigerated world.

The fairy penguins are sweet and don't seem to mind the Queensland climate.

The sea lions put on a show. They must be very smart animals to learn all the tricks they can do on cue.

The underwater viewing of hand-feeding the sharks and all the other fish was impressive.

Sting rays are such photogenic creatures - so large, but graceful but gentle.

I think the boys enjoyed the battleboats best, even if they got soaked.

The little birthday boy loved the Sesame Street Show

and the waterplay. He wasn't too sure about the water spouts though.

Big brother definitely loved playing in the water.

The rides were pretty good too.
We decided that it was impossible to pick a favourite thing - we just loved it all.


  1. Oh MIssy, what a fun day! I haven't been to seaworld for a long while, gee that looks like you guys are really enjoying yourselves... I remember being amazed by the polar bears, and I also really liked those little rock pools where you could touch the sea life - little starfish and teeny stingrays and whatnot.

    What a fabulous pair of grandparents!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Missy. You have a lovely family...but I am surprised they let a little dog into Seaworld.

  3. More wonderful memories for everyone! The trip looked like it was so much fun.

  4. I liked your underwater tour. Looks like all had a wonderful time.

  5. This is such a fun family outing. The children are so happy and the adults too. Glad you share this with us.

  6. I love this sort of shows. Lucky grand kids! Haven't been to one for ages.

  7. gosh it looks as though I better add seaworld to my bucket list......

  8. John and I are big kids. Going with the grandkids gives us an excuse to go ourselves. We stayed at Nara & spent two days there & still didn't do everything.
    Ali you are right - the little touch ponds are great too. I should have included them in the list.

  9. Did Missy get to go with the rest of the family? I hope so. It seems everyone had so much fun.


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