Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sorry ladies

Make the most of it ladies. Your days of playing in the vege patch are coming to an end.

They've discovered the last of the strawberries (tiny little red ones that never properly mature) and in a very unchickenlike way have learnt to peck off the fruit without disturbing the plant. They don't even dig and scratch in that area so I haven't minded them being there.
Over Summer I gave up on the vege patch.
Since Christmas with all the rain we've had and the heat I just felt like it was all too much work for too little reward. It has made me realise what will keep growing with total neglect. Not the most scientific of experiments but it has shown me what plants don't really need a lot of TLC. I wasn't surprised that some of the herbs survived, but the strawberries did surprise me. They have virtually finished fruiting now and are sending out runners so it's time to revamp the strawberry bed ready for their next crop.
I've started (hopefully) a few seedlings, dug up the beds and removed the weeds so I'm almost ready to go. Just need to liven up the soil with a liberal spreading of compost and decomposed cow manure and maybe some blood and bone before I start planting.
This all should have been done a few weeks ago but better late than never. 

I bought Green Harvest's cool weather seed collection which includes silverbeet, cabbage, kale, leeks, beetroot, peas, lettuce and broccoli plus a variety of different coloured carrots (inspired by Hazel). Some will be started in seed trays and some sown directly. Because I'm running late getting started I will probably buy seedlings as well - depending on what is available.

Soon we'll have a productive garden again - I've really missed it.

But it's bad news for the ladies - they won't be allowed in any more. Hope they forgive me. 


  1. Good luck with the veggie patch this year - it sounds as though you have a great selection picked out. I am sure the fertilizer that the chickens left will make for some super sweet strawberries. This wet season has been a trying one but also a learning curve for all of us. Now that the sun is shining again I am hoping everything is going to shoot up with vigor.

  2. The ladies can find a different hang out, right? For one moment I had thought that you were going to slaughter them. So, it's good news that you are just going for some crop rotation. Phew!

  3. The only chookies in my veggie garden are in a tractor now! It is working well...for me, but I don't think the ladies like it much!

  4. Your blog makes my hands itch to get into the earth. I had chooks, little brown cross bred ones like yours, when I had my own place and loved them. I also had some light sussex and silkie bantams. All my hens were Henrietta and my roosters? Henry of course.Hehehe. My chooks grew old.

  5. I'm sure they'll forgive you if you give them plenty of other treats :)

  6. I have to keep up my strawberry bed because it's planted at my parents house and they let me know when it needs weeding :) I personally would let it grow a few weeds.


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