Friday, 1 April 2011

Autumn in full swing

Dichorisandra thrysiflora, Blue Ginger is in flower at the moment. It's not a true ginger but looks a bit like one. The best thing about this plant is that it grows so easily from cuttings. My brother had it growing in his garden so I brought a piece home one day. It's now dotted throughout the garden. It must have shade and it likes to be watered regularly in the warm months but otherwise is easy to care for. Generally I strike it in a pot but it will just strike poked into the ground as long as the conditions are right.

The frangipani will soon finish flowering and drop their leaves for Winter - just a few flowers left on each tree at the moment. Before they are all gone I took some pikkies of the different varieties around the garden.

It will soon be time to take cuttings from the frangipani. I like to wait until it's a bit cooler and the plant isn't actively growing to take cuttings. I've found this more successful. In the really hot weather the stem seems to shrivvel up rather than strike. It also helps to see where the tree should be pruned and shaped when they have less leaves. After the cut stem dries out a little by letting it lie on the ground for a few days, I plant them in a pot until next Spring when they can either be planted out in the garden or given away to friends. Most of my trees came from cuttings. (I love free plants) There's really no restriction on the size of cutting you can take either. I've struck some well over a metre long.
  Most of the heliconias except for the psittacorum have virtually finished flowering and are starting to look tatty. They need to be cut back. Once a stem has flowered it dies back and needs to be cut off at ground level. Cannas are the same. There were no canna flowers left worthy of a photo. They will need to be cut back as well and some of the clumps will be lifted and divided ready for next Summer.

The allamanda are still flowering but not for much longer. They need a good trim. The vines get rather wild by the end of Summer.

Lucky the weather is getting cooler because there is a lot to do in the garden at the moment. The weeds are still going strong. The veges are waiting to be planted and everything needs a good trim before the cool weather sets in.
There was a lovely surprise as I walked around though. My Brazilian Red Cloak, planted at the start of this summer, has started to flower.

While the garden still has some of it's Summer blooms left, I've linked to Noel at A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii where you can find tropical blooms from around the globe.


  1. You sure have some stunning plant choices in your garden. Really lovely!
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Some lovely colour in your garden at the moment.

  3. Your Dichorisandra is just lovely. I've tried growing one up here and had little success. It actually hasn't died off yet though so I'm thinking maybe it needs far more shade. Our northern tropical sunshine can be very, very harsh.

    Your Frangipanis are showing gorgeous colour still. Mine suffered in the cyclone, but are all showing signs of recovery now. How great to see the bloom on your Red Cloak ... it's obviously off to a fantastic start.

  4. aloha,

    what a beautiful assortment of tropicals, our spring is just coming so the plumerias are starting to flower and put our their glossy leaves....its so interestting that this will be your fall timeframe.


  5. Oh I have seen that blue ginger in the plant catalogues and wondered if it would grow in my garden. I have a very shady spot in mind --- but maybe if Bernie has had trouble I shouldnt even try.

  6. Missy you have such a beautiful garden. Those frangipani are stunning and would smell so divine!

  7. Ciao complimenti per le tue piante!!!

    La Dichorisandra è una pianta che cerco da tanto, ma qui in Italia non si trova. Come la vorrei presto!!! Bellissima...!!! Ciao

  8. It'll be interesting to see how your garden will be like in the 'autumn and winter'. I've never paid much attention whilst still living in the tropics but now I'm looking forward to your garden updates as the season progress.

    I do love the blue ginger and plumerias, not to mention the lovely scent of the latter. I'll have to make do with silk Plumeria flowers to get the 'look', I just bought some from ebay :)

  9. Beautiful Missy, such great colours and it must smell nice too walking through your garden. I've never seen the blue ginger, it's so special.

  10. Beautiful Blue Ginger! I have never seen this plant! It's indeed beautiful! Very beautiful and unusual!

  11. I love the pinkish orange frangipani. I've never seen Blue Ginger before, either. Visiting your blog is always like going on vacation!! :o)

  12. Beautiful flowers!!! Can't wait for spring to be in full swing here;)

  13. So many beautiful blooms. I just love your frangipani. The blooms are just gorgeous. I see you are planting strawberries. Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. They are one of my favorite fruits.


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