Monday, 25 April 2011

Give a man a hedge trimmer...

The hedge along the driveway needed a trim.
We planted Duranta erecta "Sheenas Gold" along our driveway on either side. If you look up information on this plant you will read that it is attractive, easy to grow, ideal for hedges and forms dense foliage when trimmed.
It will grow well in very poor soil, does not need to be watered and doesn't require fertilising.

The only problem -  in our climate it is very fast growing. It needs trimming all the time. A few days after it's been trimmed, it needs it again. Because we have quite a long driveway, keeping the hedge looking decent is both time-consuming and back ache inducing.
Gradually the Sheenas Gold has been getting taller and thicker and the driveway has been getting narrower.

Ros: Give it a really good trim this time.

John: How much should I take off.

Ros: As much as you like.


  1. oh my gosh! well we better hope it really is as hardy as they say :) I thought that the first photos were after the trim.....

  2. The only thing I can think to write is a swear word..and I am much to nice to write that! LOL

  3. I think I would be rather upset with the hubby after this trim job.

  4. Noooo....he didn't! Did you KILL him? I would!

  5. Oh, MY! That certainly IS a trim job! Will it come back after even this? Amazing plant if it can survive such a pruning. I really like the look of it lining your driveway though. I can't imagine a plant that would grow so quickly, you probably could put a time lapse camera on it and watch it grow.

  6. Oh this is hilarious! That's exactly what my hubbie would do. Unfortunately we have the original variety of Duranta ... the not so nice, horrible one with thorns ... along our driveway and hubbie absolutely jumped for joy when he saw them all flattened by the cyclone.

    He wasn't so happy during the clean-up process though and they were all reduced to tiny little stumps. I think he was hoping they wouldn't recover ... no such luck! These are the hardiest plants ever! I am positive yours will come back beautifully.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! That's like one of your children walking up to you after he's given himself a "haircut"... what's done is done hey. It'll come back, my money's on sheena as coming up the winner in this battle!


  8. Oh boy!!! I really don't know what to say!!! My father trimmed a mature lilac to the ground and it actually came back beautifully after a bit of time.

  9. DAD!!!!!Are you mad??? Oh well, if you get kicked out of home there is always plenty of gardening to do in Canberra.

  10. Are you kidding???????? Is murder on the menu? If my husband did that, there would be no place in the world for him to hide from me...

  11. Blimey! Quite a drastic trim job there. I'm sure something interesting will happen in its place, looking forward to the updates :)

  12. Holy cow!!! I hope you can outrun him!! I thought the first pictures were after the trim, too!!! I hope it comes back!


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